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What is Personal Power?

Hello guys,

After a conversation on a different thread a fellow poster commented that he thought the concept of personal power was a flawed one. I think he meant in relation to building self-esteem but I will leave him to clarify that.

We’ve chatted a little and may have different concepts of this idea but I thought it would be interesting to start a thread and find out what YOU all think.

Here’s my basic starting point:
‘Personal Power’ is the ability to use your resources (thinking-emoting-speaking-actions) to achieve the ends you desire.

Personal power starts with re-claiming ownership of these ‘powers’ or tools of consciousness.

Essentially personal power is having an acknowledged ownership of your T-F-S-A and being able to use and direct them at will to change things, inside and out.

I postulate, therefore, that personal power is essential to building self-esteem and self-confidence because if you don’t feel/believe you own your T-F then you won’t be able to acknowledge ownership of the states and frames necessary for building self-esteem.

I’ve created a product to help with this at Confidence and Esteem Building Audio – but what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Have a different view?

What is Personal Power?

Nested Loops in Sales and Marketing! Are There Examples of It on a Video?

Hi Guys,

I am looking to work with someone on this forum to create a nested loop version of a sales pitch that I want to hoist on a website?

Any tips? Has anyone done this and put it up on a website and can it be done? Would love to hear from you guys with email id’s, phone numbers or websites?



Nested Loops in Sales and Marketing! Are There Examples of It on a Video?

Philippines Hostage Event and NLP

I have been following the news about this tragedy happened in Manila upon the Hong Kong tourist. Manila bus siege | World news |
And it makes me wonder what if an NLPer was in that bus, would he/she

  1. Go inside and scare the shit out of himself;

  2. Smile and realize right away that this an an unprecedented opportunity to practice handshake interrupt and take away his gun while telling him to "Close your eyes, just sit back and relax" and turn to other frightening tourists, "because I do not know when is the last time you had a nightmare and wake up remembering nothing….is important now just go into sleep and just realize how susceptible to suggestion one is during emergency situation because, when you wake up, you could have make NLP a head line in every major newspaper the next day."
  3. hesitate whether to do 1 or 2.;)

Philippines Hostage Event and NLP

My Goal As a Master Seducer

I want to learn not only how to have a one night stand. but how to make women fall in love with me
I want to master the art of Love, know and understand it, how it works, the science and logic behind it. I want to Master the art. and i feel like the mystery method and all those give you the fish but dont teach you how to fish. I want to learn how to fish. And i would litreally travel across the world to get to this goal of mine, I dont want to get into something and it being fake or foolish, I want to know who is the BEST seducer in the world in you opinions ofcourse there all diffrent im sure. Or the Top Seducers, I want to know what I have to learn to get there,
Some guy told me to truly master seduction its good that you learn NLP and HYpnosis and thats why im here

I know i can get a simple book like speed seduction 3.0 or something that epople have recommended on this site, but my goal isnt to become good with women but to master the art of seduction

what do I need to do, what steps what books what anything do i need to do ..

Thank you very much

Recommendations are greatly appreachted aswell.
Seminars, Movie, Books, Teachers, anything
im starting from ground zero aswell



My Goal As a Master Seducer

I Don't Even Know What NLP is Anymore

If I take John Grinders recommendation that NLP is first and foremost a modeling technology. Technology either developed or stumbled upon by Bandler and Pucelik. By John Grinders own admittance the coding of the technology is more of an "art" than an agreed form of re-presentation to be communicated to others with the intention of those others performing at an approximate level as the original modelee. I can honestly see nothing logical or NLP ish about some of John Grinders chosen influences for the New code – Dan Casteneda, Tito Sampos for example. Yet there are aspects of New code that are invaluable and forward thinking. And, there are aspects of other schools which are also invaluable and forward thinking now looking back such as Christina Halls take on time. I’m not looking for some either/or arguments here (please don’t and please be respectful), more of a kind of who/what criteria gets to decide what is NLP is and what isn’t NLP when its blatantly based upon modeling, and then subsequent codifying of the original model. Some of the "original" NLP stuff wasn’t even based on modeling such as eye accessing cues… If I modeled Shinzeng Young would meditation then be a part of NLP? Is NLP a modeling technology or is it more to do with the coding of it that’s important after modeling based on some sort of criteria or both or what? What if I modeled John Grinders coding ability would that solve the whole issue?

I Don’t Even Know What NLP is Anymore

Rapport in a Tank

YouTube – Sea horses mating at the Monterey California Aquarium video

Rapport ? Mirror neurons ? Natural selection ?

More than just coincidence though.


Rapport in a Tank

NLP Practitioner – Course Duration

Good morning! I am currently searching for an NLP practitioner course and figured out that most of them are offered for either several days in form of a crash course or for a year – once a month (Saturday and Sunday) … which approach, if I may call it this way, would be a better one in your opinion?

Thanks a lot in advance! I do appreciate your answers.

NLP Practitioner – Course Duration

Any Ideas for a Newcomer ?

Hi everybody

Im here because I m full of curiosity to explore this mysterious NLP. I m from a country where it’s hard to find books , so I decided to try the net. I already read a book of Anthony robbins and the translation to Arabic was so bad.
can you guys help download any books .
I saw on amazon : magic in action, tranformations,frogs into princes, changing beliefs..
thanks in advance
your friend Mag

dont forget I m a beginner

Any Ideas for a Newcomer ?


I have been studying NLP from books, videos, internet sources est. for the past 4-5 months – so I’m getting the idea! I’m basically here to learn from others and acquire a variety of views, and it looks like a great place to ask questions. I am on the stepping stone to start attending occasional classes (perhaps @ NLP Academy) because I need some practical work big time!!

Hope your all well. S


Stop, Notice Here

Hi guys,

I have been following this extraordinary forum for quite a long time and I think it is only natural that I now want to contribute my part to this community by providing my own perception about this wonderful piece of knowledge, NLP, because, and I quote Robert Anton Wilson, who, by the way, I think every NLPer should study about,


"Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently."


Stop, Notice Here