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Clear Out Black Spots on Timeline or Leave Them?

When i read the book from Tad james about time lines he tells to clear out first the black spots on peoples timelines en then do the next move.
But my NLP Trainer said:"leave them alone cause people put theire traumetic experiences, ext.. in their. Its too dangerous."

Can anyone give some advise please? thx.

Clear Out Black Spots on Timeline or Leave Them?

Hi from Brisbane

G’day to all at NLP Connections! My name is David Murtough from Brisbane, Australia, and I’ve been interested in NLP for quite some time – I took my first training back in 1998. I’m particularly interested in the application of NLP to business communication, training, sales and music. I’ve been lurking (such a creepy term!) here on the NLP Connections forum for a short while and have enjoyed learning more about NLP and related areas. Looking forward to connecting with other like-minded people here.

Hi from Brisbane

Brighton NLP Group September Update

Just a brief note to say that the Brighton NLP Groups website has been updated and has a new address: (yes we are now an ORG so please adjust your bookmarks)

We have two great speakers for September, they are ..

Wednesday 8th September 2010
An introduction to Fighter’s Mind Coaching
with Alan Whitton

Wednesday 29th September 2010
Provocative Change Works™ for excellent client change
with Nick Kemp

All welcome, full details on the website.


Brighton NLP Group September Update

Help!!!! Looking for a Coach to Guide

Hi Everybody,

I am looking forward to work with a Coach in the field of NLP.

I am Trained NLP Master Practitioner from NFNLP Florida USA, trained in Bangalore ( India), Planning to move to the UK.

Looking at myself to be Trained under a Guru of NLP.

Please contact me

"If You Find An Ugly Part Of You, Embrace It. It’s Like a Child, It Also Needs Attention."


Help!!!! Looking for a Coach to Guide

Hypnosis: 'Going under' to come out on top

He says most people seek help from hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight. But "going under" as its called, can also relieve stress, enhance athletic abilities or

Hypnosis: 'Going under' to come out on top

Medical Practitioners for Diabetes

Hi everyone, my sister has been suffering from diabetes since she was four and she is now twenty six, so diabetic for twenty two years. It has been serious for a while. Every time she goes high it causes long term damage to her body and it’s affecting her eyes a lot at the moment.

I am on this forum asking is anybody knows any good medical practitioners that work with patients like they are patients, rather than just textbook stereotypes. I know the most effective therapists and doctors treat each patients separately based on their own individual needs (e.g. M.Erickson).

This is general, I know.. but I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


Medical Practitioners for Diabetes

Hello NLP Connections!

Hi everyone, my names Tom. I new to the forum and thought I would say hi and introduce myself. I have always had an interest in NLP and have read a few books and researched in my spare time as a hobby.

I have just enrolled to start studying for my NLP Diploma with SCOLA in Sutton Surrey, Its a 10 week course, one day a week, 3 hrs per session. Cost me £200 which I thought was quiet reasonable, for a starting point. I did a lot of research over the time and found the diplomas went from one to two day course up to a week or so. Prices ranged from FREE – £600ish.
If anyone else has studied with SCOLA any feedback would be great.

I am currently looking to build on myself and use my skills I gain to open further doors and opportunities with my career.
If anyone could assist in how they link there NLP qualifications or hobby to their C.V or how they use it in interviews some ideas would be great help.
As I am currently looking at career progression and I am starting to look around to see whats available out in the job markets.

Thanks in advance for any replies and assistance. I look forward to sharing more in depth discussions with you all in the future.

Hello NLP Connections!

An Evening with Frank Pucelik

If you have an interest in NLP history and a curiosity about how it all got started this special one off event will be of interest to you. Frank Pucelik’s contribution is cited by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair in ‘Whispering in the Wind’ but rarely mentioned elsewhere in NLP. Frank for the first time ever is now going to lift the lid on NLP and blow out the myths surrounding its early years. Frank will be talking openly about events that happened before any of the other NLP personalities were involved.

Frank was there with Richard before NLP and then with John and Richard at NLP’s earliest and most important developmental stages. Next to Grinder and Bandler, Frank has more knowledge about the NLP early days and a willingness to share with the NLP community the story of how it all began. Frank has been living and working in Ukraine since 1986 and has not led any public event in Europe or the USA since the mid eighties. This is a rare opportunity to hear and see the man who was there at the start of a new field.


  • How Frank teamed up with Richard Bandler
  • The work Frank was doing with Bandler pre NLP days
  • The arrival and influence of John Grinder
  • The early work between Pucelik, Grinder and Bandler
  • How three became two
  • The arrival of the term NLP
  • The rapid development and growth of a field
  • The exit of the third man

Until now Frank has kept a low profile in Europe and USA focussing his attention on building his business in the Ukraine. Now he wants to share his knowledge and experience to tell the real story of how NLP emerged from one room in University of California Santa Cruz. This is rare opportunity; take full advantage of connecting with one of the original man NLP.

Dates: 22 September
Location: Central London
Registration 18:00
Finish Time 21:00

Book today for just £30.00

To book please call the NLP Academy on 020 8686 9952 or email in to

An Evening with Frank Pucelik

A Trance to Heal – Healing Seminar in South London

The Healing Pool NLP Workshop Talks have been set up for those wishing to learn practice and apply their knowledge of NLP and Healing in their own lives or to help others. They are two hour evening sessions based in South London.

Starting on Monday September the 6th – we kick off with a talk entitled A Trance to Heal – by Tina Taylor.

The following months will see special guest speakers on many topics and even some cool mystery guests…. who have yet to be announced.

Topics will be as follows on the dates below. Watch out for more SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS to be announced soon at

… also for how to attend


Guest Speaker – Tina Taylor

Monday 6th September – 8-10pm

In todays hectic society we all too often forget to slow down and breath into who we really are. For years medical science believed that we were who we were because our genes – our cell make up. Research has now shown that we can change/influence our cells by what we believe, our beliefs can alter our genetic blueprint. Tonight we will be learning the ways in which we can relax and heal the body using powerful programming techniques. Well known for her work in the field of fertility, Tina Taylor will share her methods using a process that she has successfully used for conditions such as cancer and IBS. This sesson will end with a lovely soothing trance to give your mind and body a chance to rest, regroup and rejuvenate. Watch this youtube video to get a feel for the vibes to come during this talk. Enjoy!!!!

YouTube – Rumer – Slow (Out now on iTunes)


Guest Speaker – Laura Spicer

Monday 4th October – 8-10pm

In keeping with the idea that you can influence your body, Laura Spicer shares her methods of using language, trance and negotiation with the systems responsible for maintaining balance and harmony within. Whether it is the reproductive, adrenal, cardiovascular or digestive systems you will learn ways to use NLP technologies, Linguistic patterns and altered states to create a healthy balanced mind and body.

YouTube – Imagination -Video- Body Talk


Guest Speaker – Adam Shaw

Monday 1st November – 8-10pm

Tonight we will learn how we can transform our energy into something that is lasting via the medium of walking mindfully. Adam will share his philiosophy and vision and give you a practical example of how you can use it your own life. Listen to Adam explain his story in the video below.

YouTube – About Adam


Guest Speaker – Carole Dessaigne

Monday 6th December – 8-10pm

The Christmas spirit is upon us and it is time to take stock and especially in terms of what you are keeping in your store cupboard. Carole Dessaigne will help us understand how we can eat, drink and stay healthy at this time of year when temptation is highly pronounced. Healing foods can be just as enjoyable and have the added effect of keeping us merry all year round. A sensible down to earth and practical workshop on how to be healthy at Xmas and beyond. Here’s to a very happy and healty New Year in 2011. The video below sums up the spirit of Christmas behind the thinking of this talk.

YouTube – One Of Us – Joan Osborne – 1996

Edgar Cayce Study Group and Practice Sessions

Tutor: Gina Pickersgill –
Official A.R.E Group Study Tutor in Second Life

£10.00 pay on the door. – 8-10pm

Dates and Study Focus

Monday 13th September – Trance States

Monday 18th October – Channelling Methods

Monday 8th November – Purpose and Alignment

Monday 13th December – Christmas Special

Trance States

Edgar Cayce was a master at self-hypnosis and was the method he used to to obtain information from his unconscious mind to help diagnose his client’s condition and prescribe treatments, many of which are used today by the medical profession. Tonight you will learn the methods of how to attain states of self- hypnosis. Gina will give you an experience of the Betty Erickson Technique – a powerful process designed to help you focus inward using a gradual change in awareness from external stimuli to an internal one. Each person will get a chance to practice with a partner and ask questions about the trance work of Edgar Cayce and NLP’s Richard Bandler.

A Trance to Heal – Healing Seminar in South London