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Further Reading/Learning for a Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I want to further my knowledge of nlp to basically reprogramme the negative thoughts/trends that i have picked up over the years by my parents. I am definately a newbie to this having read a beginners guide to nlp and watched a few video’s of richard bandler and am fascinated by what he does.

Does anybody have any further "good reading" tips and at what time would people recommend you start trying techniques on oneself. i’m starting to recognise negative thoughts/trends sometimes, so am beginning to make progress.

A few years ago i went to a therapist to try and sort out the negative thoughts/trends that were given to me by my parents that i constantly re acted out and recognised some techniques that she had me practising like giving a shape/colour to a negative feeling and trying to change things and move it upwards and was quite scared when i was nearly sick due to the feeling being "stuck" in my throat. Scary stuff!!!!

One good thing though is there was a time when somehow she must have put me into a relaxed state because all i could feel was a sense of isolation with the sound of birds outside. Bliss!!!

I would love to be able to develop myself and have such a positive outlook on life with nlp so any tips etc appreciated. I do realise this won’t be a quick fix but am willing to work at it.

Thanks in advance


Further Reading/Learning for a Newbie

Faith, Love and Hope- A Panic Away Success Story.

A Panic Away member explains has gone from an anxiety stricken life to a busy, normal, happy and healthy one!  A combination of Panic Away and practicing faith, love and hope have gotten her to where she is today.  She has now gotten perspective over her anxiety journey and see’s it as a gift. Continue reading for more info about this wonderful and inspirational success story.

“Faith Love Hope, these three words are what helped me to live a full normal healthy busy life again. It’s been nearly 4 years since my first experience with a Panic Attack. As most of you I’m sure I didn’t know what hit me. Is this a Heart attack? was this a Nervous Break down? some kind of Seizure? I was worried and desperate and I felt so alone!

My dearest friend suggested that it might be Panic Attacks so I started my research. Days turned to weeks and weeks to Months, I was struggling terribly, no medication that my Dr gave me worked! I couldn’t sleep because I was so scared something might happen to me when I did. Now I know that sleeping well is one of the most important gifts we can give our Anxious bodies

One Doctors visit followed another, one test after another nothing seems to be wrong with me physically. At last I dicided to buy the Panic Away Program (at first I thought it might be a scam boy was I wrong!) I immediately printed the booklet (I bought the online copy) and started reading. I cried heaps because someone understood! Someone knew! Someone have been through this horror and survived!

I joined the Forum and it became a life line. Panic Attacks and Anxiety is a lonely road. Family and friends don’t understand, they try but they don’t. This Journey is YOURS and yours alone!

Something that I read stuck (I think it was Barry that said it) You will get to the other side and it would have been worth while! Really? You’ve got to be joking! I feel horrible! I feel sick all the time! My tummy is upset, I can’t eat, I’m nauseous and dizzy all the time. I’m so so scared!! How on earth can this be worth anything? Well today I can say the same. This has been a difficult but WONDERFUL  Journey and I am actually glad that I had been given this Gift.

Have faith in yourself and your body.
Have faith that you will come through this.
Create your own Recipe for healing and have faith in it.
Mine is:

  • Enough sleep, at least 8 hours a night 10 is even better especially when you just start healing.
  • Drink a lot of water. I always had a bottle of water with me, it was my medicine.
  • Eat healthy meals, as little take away and instant food as possible.
  • Cut our Caffeine and alcohol especially in the beginning.
  • Do lots of exercise!(You have to build up a sweat. I promise you it is better that any Benzo!
  • Do the Panic Away Audios as much as possible! (I also find Guided Meditation a wonderful tool)
  • DO NOT RESIST A PANIC ATTACK! Welcome it in, let it flow right through you. Tell it that you are not frightened of it and that you know, it can not harm it! .

Start every day with the hope that today is going to be better than tomorrow and tomorrow even more better. Without hope our days will be an endless struggle. We hope and we strive  for calm and for peace in ourselves. If like me you couldn’t drive any more, just DO it, every day, as much as possible because the day will come that you hoped for, driving will be easy and calm again. If you’re scared to leave your house, just DO it, if you walk 100 steps more every day, soon you will be able to go as far as possible and the day you hoped for will have arrived. If you’re scared of Flying (like I was) buy a ticket and just Do it, because you might be besides yourself with fear, you might even have a Panic Attack but you will be okay and the next time you will be able to do it easier and the next even like the experience.

Learn to love yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Love YOU! Look after you. Give yourself the time you need to recover and to recuperate. It’s okay to be a little selfish, it’s okay to say NO.
Recognize your blessings no matter how small they seem to be. Being Positive and thankful is the best Love you can give yourself.

My life is full of Joy and Peace. My life is Calm and Comfortable. My body is healthy. My Mind is healthy. This Journey has been a blessing and it still is every day. Every day is good!

You can have this too, just believe! Don’t wait for this to be over, WORK at it as if your life depends on it! Do what you want to today, go for a walk, go for a drive, go for a visit don’t put it off because you feel anxious. Have Faith, have hope and have Love.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and inspirational story with us! You truly deserve your new, anxiety free life and you should be very proud of yourself! 


Faith, Love and Hope- A Panic Away Success Story.

Varifocals and Eye Position.

I have recently bought some glasses. I spend a lot of my time using a computer so I asked for some modified varifocals. They are effectively bifocals with continuous variation between the two focal lengths.

Looking straight forward focuses on the computer screen placed at arms length (around 90cms (3feet). Looking down focuses on papers on my desk about 45cms (1.5 feet away).

The setup works fine and makes it much easier to work on the PC compared with reading glasses or none at all.

I wondered how this relates to eye accessing cues. I am now looking horizontally when working on the PC but looking down when reading.

Any thoughts, or are you all on a sugar high having eaten all the chocolate bars left over in the house "trick or treat" bowl. 😉

Varifocals and Eye Position.

Depressed Sister

My 16 year old sister is having some serious happiness issues at the moment and was wondering if there is any NLP I could use to keep her safe and make her happier?

Depressed Sister

NLP Practice Group in Arizona

I have a practice group that meets arpox once per month in Scottsdale Arizona.
It’s listed in as Self Actualization.
Self Actualization (Phoenix, AZ) – Meetup
We meet @
Location El Dorado Square
6619 N Scottsdale rd
Avenue Executive Suites
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
602 859 8889

Usually the third Thursday of the month.

NLP Practice Group in Arizona

Attracting and Keeping Clients

I have a question for the forum which is part business and part therapeutic. In doing changework, NLP has the distinct advantage of being able to create rapid change relatively quickly – and compared to traditional talk therapy, the results can seem miraculous. This being said, often a client has one or more goals that require more than a single session.

Traditional therapists are often accused of taking advantage of clients – simply by merit of seeing people for years with little to no real change in the client’s life (other than an increased vocabulary with which to describe their issues). All the same, there is a very real phenomenon which they are often catering to whereby the client wants to gripe about their problems, but is terrified with making any real changes. There is a phrase psychologists occasionally use called "seducing a client into therapy" meaning that they are essentially courting the client (helping them to feel safe and build up the courage to begin facing their issues). Essentially, they are building a relationship.

My question is to those involved in doing changework of any kind with NLP or hypnosis – and it is this:

How do those of you who do change-work manage to balance rapport building (creating relationships with clients so they WANT to come back and recommend you) – with addressing the deeper issues which are holding their blocks in place?

In short, there sometimes appears to be a conflict in the client with both wanting change and being scared to look at certain parts of their life or patterns of living. (I want to quit smoking, but don’t you dare take away my cigarettes!) I say this tongue-in-cheek, but my point is that some form of compulsive denial often seems to be part of the structure of many problems. In short, if they were willing to look at the whole picture AND do whatever was needed to achieve the goal – then the problem couldn’t exist in many cases. Yet simply pointing this out is probably the least elegant of all solutions (and often creates an adversarial relationship with the client).

My motive for this post is dual. First, I hope to learn some things from those with different perspectives and skill sets. Second, this is an interesting topic for me. It gets my juices flowing. What people skills make this seeming paradox disappear? (the paradox being one the one hand, it seems unethical for a therapist to take two years "seducing a patient into therapy" before they can do any real work – and on the other hand you can’t do any real change work with an unmotivated client who is fighting like hell to keep the very patterns that he/she has come to you to resolve).

In reality, I believe that the paradox/conflict is merely a matter of perception. On my best days, this conflict never arises. When I am in a flow state or "in the zone" my work with clients tends to be both rapid AND effective – and the client leaves in a great mood.

I could have just as easily asked "what are your best ways of dealing with difficult clients?" But I feel that question simply casts too wide a net. And at the same time, it is a very real issue. If you want to help a client, they actually have to be willing to participate to some degree – and they must be willing to come back and complete the work – if it requires more than one session. How much of your work with clients is designed get to the root of things – and how much of your strategy for doing this is designed to keep them coming back for the minimum number of sessions to complete this work?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your responses.


Attracting and Keeping Clients

Hi Everyone.

I’ve just started to get into the NLP stuff and think it’s brilliant. I’m about to do a course with Christopher Howard starting November 7th in Sydney. I am so nervous, it’s probably cause I have short changed my self and not poured in enough effort in until now.

If anyone has any idea’s how to kick start new learning in NLP please let me know? I don’t have much experience but would like to get involved with a group and get some advise on starting from the basics.

Thanks Guys!

Hi Everyone.

Hypnosis seminar offered in Oelwein

… Awareness Clinics will be conducting four free to the public hypnosis seminars to help people lose weight, stop smoking and relieve their stress.

Hypnosis seminar offered in Oelwein

Eliciting Values of the Dr Clare Graves Model

I wonder what methods of elicitation of personal values profiles per the Dr Clare Graves Spiral Dynamics model are out there or have been researched ? I feel sure it would be of value in creating and maintaining rapport.

Eliciting Values of the Dr Clare Graves Model

New Article on Mental Slavery and Freedom

Hi all,

If I’m not allowed to post details of articles, sorry, take it down! 😕

I just had an article I wrote published at the following address called: Are you a Mental Slave or a Mental Master?

Are You a Mental Slave or a Mental Master? | PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement

It contains (without too much jargon) content about how to use the ‘step-back’ skill (Michael Hall’s renaming of dissociation for good reason!) and I thought you might be interested in reading it.

To your highest and best :applause:

Doug Cartwright

New Article on Mental Slavery and Freedom