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Awareness Test

This is doing the rounds, so you may well have seen it already. If not, bet you watch it twice,

YouTube – Test Your Awareness: Do The Test



Awareness Test

Breakthrough Sessions

Hi All

I have got to know about this!

I have been doing Changework for about 5 years now, starting out with and NLP, then varied hypnosis approaches, Clean Language, Eye Movement stuff and since February this year Provocative work.

In all that time, I have never trained or known anyone personally who does ‘Breakthrough Sessions’, but I often see them advertised on peoples NLP sites. So here is my question:

WHAT exactly IS a ‘Breakthrough Session’?

One person I know told me of a friend who had visited an NLPer who would sort out ALL your issues in one session for £1000. Is this what the term means?

Does the term have a specific meaning, or is it just a fancy name for a consultation/session or whatever you may call your standard changework session?

And if it does have a specific meaning, what exactly constitutes a ‘Breakthrough Session’?

Any info on this would be genuinely appreciated!

All the very best

James Tripp

Breakthrough Sessions

Hi I Am New to the Site Any Tips Would Be Great!

Hello Guys n Girls,
I am a complete beginner at NLP and will be attending my first workshop 16th November I want to learn for personal development initially but if possible to coach I would definitely like to give it a try also any tips for a novice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi I Am New to the Site Any Tips Would Be Great!

I Found an Old Document the Other Day …

I was looking thru some old papers this week when I found this document. It’s from 1982. I repeat it in its entirety.

"Treatment Principles

"from the teachings of Milton H Erickson, MD.

"1. People operate out of their internal maps and not out of sensory experience (Korzybski, 1941).

"2. People make the best choices for themselves at any given moment.

"3. The explanation, theory, or metaphor used to relate facts about a person is not the person.

"4. Respect all messages from the client.

"5. Teach choice; never attempt to take choice away.

"6. The resources the client needs lie within their own personal history.

"7. Meet clients at their model of the world.

"8. The person with the most flexibility will be the controlling element in the system.

"9. A person can’t not respond (Watzlawick, 1964).

"10. If it’s hard work, reduce it down.

"11. Outcomes are determined at the psychological level (Berne, 1966)."

Then it signs off:

"Copyright © Stephen Lankton and Carol Lankton, The Answer Within, 1982."

Do you got that?

"Treatment principles."

Not "presuppositions".

And that was at least four years before those clowns over at NA/NLP thought they’d be clever, and misnamed them.

What more do I have to do to get you to …

.. stop calling them "presuppositions"?


I Found an Old Document the Other Day …

NLP Techniques for Facial Ticks?


has anyone got any specific NLP techniques for helping someone with their facial ticks.
Please note, with respect, I am not looking for a list of generic NLP techniques which might be applied to ticks, but more if anyone has a specific technique with proven success, that they can share.



NLP Techniques for Facial Ticks?

An Anxiety Travel Diary

Panic Away member Jess,  went overseas for three weeks. She was nice enough to share her experience with us and give a rundown of her trip and how she coped with her anxiety. Continue reading to find out what she learnt from her trip. 

I went overseas for three weeks and arrived back on Monday morning. I’ll give you a brief rundown of my three weeks.

First week – I was normal nervous the day leading up to the flight. I didn’t eat anything all day (I left at night) because when I feel anxious I feel sick and sometimes vomit – but that’s when I have a panic attack. As soon as I left my family and walked with my friends through the departure gates, anxiety and nervousness left me and I felt excited. That’s how I was all week: excited and relaxed. I stuffed my face with the local food and ate the most I’ve eaten all year! I was so happy.

Second week – This week was hard. The trip was a study tour and my first assessment was due this week. I had to somehow fit studying in around touring and everything else and my panic got the best of me. This is when I stopped eating and started dry retching. Nevertheless, I picked myself up and did what I had to do every day – which is a big achievement for me, I kept thinking I would need to be shipped back home or I wouldn’t be able to leave the hotel because I would turn agoraphobic again. It was at this point I told my lecturer that I wanted to quit the unit.

Third week – I was still feeling really anxious but continued doing what I was meant to be doing. I opted not to drop out of the unit and started to prepare for my last assessment. I started to relax again and dreaded coming home because I thought that once I landed back in Australia, my anxiety would increase tenfold. I was eating more this week and started to enjoy everything again. I passed the final assessment with the highest marks in the tour.

So that was my three weeks in short. And now I’m back home. I’ve learnt so much from this trip!! The big one being that I can do anything I want to and cope just fine.

Thanks for sharing Jess. You didn’t have a 100% anxiety free trip and that is ok. You went on a 3 week trip overseas and actually enjoyed it- that is a huge achievement in itself. Do not worry if anxiety comes and goes, it is important to know that there will be setbacks along the road to recovery. There will be days in the beginning when you will feel fantastic and then suddenly you will wake up one morning feeling like you have made no progress at all. Please be aware that this is normal and do not let it upset you. If you understand that setbacks are commonplace, then you can be prepared for them when they happen, and this prevents you from feeling like you have failed. 

The first thing to remember is that setbacks happen. Try to never let a setback convince you that you’re not making progress. It doesn’t mean that all your progress has been undone. In general, setbacks are inevitable, and you need to have an accepting attitude toward them.

Have you been on a trip recently? Please share your story with us :)

An Anxiety Travel Diary

NLP Rooms in IRC


I wonder if there are any live IRC channels for NLP

or even

any Mailing Lists?

NLP Rooms in IRC

Why Does It Have to Be "X with NLP"

I was thinking today, about all the books out there right now called something like: X with NLP or NLP for X.

And I’m wondering, why do the titles have to cling on to NLP?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a downer on NLP. Of course, I’m a big advocate of NLP. And I know NLP is the essence the authors are using. But if the purpose of a book is to teach you how to, for example, sell better, why not call it just "How to sell". (You can always acknowledge NLP inside the cover.) Why does it have to be "How to sell with NLP"?

NLP is, after all, an enabling tool in doing new things, but it’s not the end in itself.

What do you think?


Why Does It Have to Be "X with NLP"

Is This NLP?

Hello everyone well id just like to say im not sure if this is NLP or not but here it goes….. Im looking for a state that i had in the past abwt 5 years ago I was a funny good person who people could get on with and had a positive energy about me and basicly i was confident and most my life was a joy. After a while i changed due to circumstances in my life then i started taking drugs to kill the pain of what i had lost and what i had become. Okay so enought about that a few weeks ago i experienced a change in me i actually felt like my old self again due to thinking about times in the past i started to feel like myself again for the first time in years but I just dont no how i did it… so im wondering if this is NLP what i did i started thinking and pictureing old times and I think i was realising the feelings all of a sudden i felt a rush of energy and people started noticing the difference in me straight away i can some times do it but I do not no how so im wondering if any of you can help me with this topic fankyou for reading any help will be appreciated. :applause:

Is This NLP?