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NLP/Hypnosis Practise Group – Coventry West Midlands

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know I run a Practise Group in Coventry, you can find us at We normally meet between 3pm and 5pm on the last Saturday of the month and have some exciting speakers lined up for 2011, our next meeting is on Saturday 29h January 2011.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Nick Davies

<a href=>NLP/Hypnosis Practise Group – Coventry West Midlands

NLP on YouTube


I’m currently doing some research about NLP and I’m completely new to the subject. Here’s my question :

The first video we get when we type "NLP" on YouTube is this one :

Do you think what Derren Brown performs here is possible? Is it a serious video?
And what about this one?…eature=related

NLP on YouTube

Course Review NLP Practitioners Course with Ben Grassby and Bristol NLP

I have recently completed Ben Grassby’s awesome NLP Practitioner training in Bristol, UK. The past six months have been an amazing adventure during which I have rediscovered my confidence, joy and sense of purpose. Ben is an excellent trainer – he truly lives NLP and creates an exciting, safe, nurturing environment for learning and transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend his practitioner courses. If you are in the Bristol/Bath/Glastonbury area and are considering NLP training, then try out one of his days of discovery. You can read more here

Alison Powell

Become the change you want to see in the world …

Course Review NLP Practitioners Course with Ben Grassby and Bristol NLP

One Line of Knowledge

When I was moving to a new place last few weeks, I found my old dusty college notebooks piling up in a corner. You do not know what wisdom that you did not pick up back then, until I found a quotation from a famous physicist Richard Feynman:


If, in some cataclysm, all of scientific knowledge were to be destroyed, and only one sentence passed on to the next generations of creatures, what statement would contain the most information in the fewest words?

I suppress his answer here because this is an NLP forum, and the question is much more profound than the answer as it inspires a few lines of thoughts:

1. What NLP knowledge would you choose to pass on, if it is worth passing on at all?

2. I am wondering if anyone think that NLP knowledge is holistic, that is you can see a world in a grain of sand, not without some effort and imagination of course.

3. Maybe NLP is not a body of knowledge at all since it emphasize strongly on direct experience. Perhaps it is difficult for someone to reconstruct the whole NLP even thought we pass on the whole NLP literature, but not impossible, I think.

On the other hand, I think it is appropriate pass on something if every process is going to an end. Is it not what nominalization for, to store the process going on so far in the hope that someone will take it and go on with it?

One Line of Knowledge

NLP in Learning Languages


Do you think NLP can make language learning easier? If you have already tried, are there any particular books you recommend?


NLP in Learning Languages

How to Help a Depressed Friend Grow Up/be Herself?

First of all, apologies for the INCREDIBLY patronising tone to the title. When I say about helping her to grow up, I don’t mean to patronise! My friend married very young, and her husband has always been in sole charge of money and the house. They now have children, and she hasn’t worked since the children were born. So she went from her parents’ … domain, I suppose, to her husband’s domain; and now she has no money, no independence, nothing concrete that would help her to feel that she has some power over her situation.

She’s becoming more and more withdrawn and depressed; you can practically see her "self" ebbing away, like she’s fading out. She’s always been someone who puts everyone else first; she’ll do anything for anyone. The problem is, she’s never been one to say "no" to someone, even if they’re putting too much on her. There are a lot of other things going on lately (their business is folding at the end of this year, and her husband so far has no plans for a way to bring in any income.).

She’s not taking the matter in to her own hands, which is very like her; things happen TO her, and she feels that because she has no say in them, no power over them, there’s nothing she can do except suffer them. That paints her in a bad light, and I don’t mean to; it really saddens me that she can’t see that she can actually change anything she wants to. It’s as if she feels that actually, she has no right to stick her nose in to things; even when they’re things that directly affect (and upset) her.

Sorry to ramble on and on – and a big thank you if you’ve got this far!

If you have any advice, anything that might help her – or might help me to help her – then I would be ever so grateful. Under normal circumstances I’d advise her to see an NLP therapist (she’s seen how it’s turned my life around COMPLETELY) – but with the business folding and no plan B, now is not the time to be telling her to spend money!

Many thanks


How to Help a Depressed Friend Grow Up/be Herself?

Secrets for Success. Richard Bandler

Looks like NLP Life Training are getting Richard Bandler some mainstream TV Gigs?

Aldo Zilli

RB with Chris Ellison

Interview with Paul Ross

What do we think?



Not sure why the other two clips are not coming up heres the external links

YouTube – Secrets of Success. Richard Bandler and Chris Ellison.

YouTube – Face to face with Richard Bandler and Paul Ross.

Secrets for Success. Richard Bandler

Sorting Information by 'position' in Field of View

Faces can appear male or female depending on where they are in our field of view, a study has shown.

Read more: How faces can appear male or female depending on how we are lookin at them | Mail Online

We knew this all along didn’t we? :)

Sorting Information by ‘position’ in Field of View

Holidays for NLPer's

I was wondering if there has ever been holidays organised for like minded people such as NLPer’s…… that we could still discuss NLP with each other but maybe incorporate Shamanic practices in Peru…..or something else….open to suggestions….not that I have ever practised shamanics……but someone out there may have and want to share this with us all n a holiday kind of environment??

Holidays for NLPer’s