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Is Time Sequential or Is there Another Altered Reality?

Recently I read "NLP – The Wild Days" by Terence McClendon in which he has described how (during those days) the NLP community experimented with altered states of reality.

I have had some experience of my own with time distortion. After reading "The Wild Days", I started wondering about our perception of time. We typically perceive time as linear or at the very least sequential – Past before the present and present before the future.

Can we create altered states of reality (another nice name for deep trance phenomena) where time is not sequential – for that matter – rather time is constructed in a form where all 3 (past, present & future) co-exist, at the same time, in the same space?

Has any one had any experience with creating such states? I would be keen to learn about it.

Thanks & regards,

– Anil

Is Time Sequential or Is there Another Altered Reality?

‘Deletion’ During Sleep

I recently had my in laws staying with us at my apartment and noticed that both of them snored and it bothered them – so they sleep in separate rooms.

During sleep, each gets affected by the sound of the other person snoring, which is why it is important to use a pregnancy body pillow to sleep better. However the sound they make on their own does not bother either of them during their sleep.

Now I realize that the sound waves when they originate and travel in space, the point of origin and direction of sound wave travel has an impact on our perception of the intensity of the sound.

Keeping this factor aside – Is it possible that during our sleep we are engaging in the process of selective deletion of the sensory input received by us?

If yes, can we learn to have more conscious choice and control over this process?

If yes, can any one provide some inputs on how can we learn to do so?

=>Why would I want to learn this?

a) Curiosity
b) If this could be learned, then we could possibly learn to choose our dreams (or our nightmares) as the case might be?

Thanks in advance.


– Anil

‘Deletion’ During Sleep

How Do You Say Content Imposition?

This article is hilarious. It reminds me of Adrian reynolds and his blog style. It’s an account of a journalist I think of the psychoanylists who keep falling asleep while "treating" him 😀

Why Would a Shrink Fall Asleep During a Patient’s Session? — New York Magazine

How Do You Say Content Imposition?

Hypnotic Induction Tutorial Videos – NLP Techniques. Enjoy!

NLP Video Tutorials are a great way to practice basic NLP techniques. Here I teach you how to use NLP Techniques for helping your clients to go into a trance.

The first in this free 4 part series is how to pace a client matching your breathing patterns to theirs.

You can see all of them here


Hypnotic Induction Tutorial Videos – NLP Techniques. Enjoy!

A Personal Invite to a Collaborative Hypnotic Adventure…

Dear Fellow Explorers,

If your interested in expanding your skills whilst sharing and learning from

your experiences with others then please continue reading…

On the 21st April 2011 The Provocative hypnosis training with Joergen Rasmussen begins in Doncaster.

As part of the ‘pre-training programme‘ we have created a Podcast where Joergen invites participants to do a specific task based on a short video clip taken from the Change Phenomena Conference in 2010.

The clip was first introduced by <a href="” target=”_blank”>James Tripp and it demonstrates Joergen eliciting ‘Hypnotic Phenomena’ such as positive/negative hallucinations after successfully hijacking James’s previously elegant work…

We would like to offer the task to a wider audience regardless of which school/s of thought you may have gone through in the spirit of experimenting, learning, and continuing your developing skills…

The task is very clear and specific and we hope you’ll be inspired to engage and commit to the task whilst journalling your progress and feeding back to us…

Joergen has kindly offered a FREE troubleshooting session via either Telephone/Skype to anyone who contributes the most to this experiment and above all wishes you the best of whatever you may learn as part of the process…

The Podcast & Video can be found here…

We’d also like to strongly encourage you to share this task with anyone you think may find it useful in order to maximise feedback and hopefully diversity of experiences that allow us all to learn more about our chosen arts…

In the meanwhile we’ll be contacting a variety of trainers from a variety of different schools to invite them and their students on what could turn out to be an extremely unique and exciting journey…

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” /> Mahatma Gandhi

Above all… Have fun and Enjoy…


A Personal Invite to a Collaborative Hypnotic Adventure…

Metaphors of Movement and Clean Language

Comments on It Certainly Ain't Clean

A fantastic read on so many levels…two people using similar base principles in very different ways and by discussing it moving both of their fields forward…nice!

Best regards,


Metaphors of Movement and Clean Language

Finding Addicts

Thanks to the wonderful processes of NLP, I have helped a few people off of different addictions. Now I want to find more people who could use my services.

It’s not something that you would say at a party "Hey, who here is an addict?!" I attempted to connect with church youth groups, and learned that according to their IR, I’m going to hell. (they were a fun group)

I will actually be talking with teachers at the local school district during a training day…that could help. I tried a few ads on Craigslist…being in Vegas I got gambling addictions, and no motivated responses.

Any ideas?

Finding Addicts

Bath NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group

The Bath NLP and hypnosis Practice Group will begin meeting regularly again later this month.

It’s a supportive environment for people to develop practical skills, whatever their existing experience or affiliation. Everyone who wants to come along and have fun getting better is very welcome.

The number of places is constrained by space, so please visit the Bath NLP and hypnosis Practice Group website to sign on the mailing list and let me know you’re interested.



<a href=>Bath NLP and hypnosis Practice Group



Hi, for your enjoyment and feedback, I would like to share a game I have developed which I call MakeBeliefs, It’s aim is to engage the submodalities and create a self image of yourself doing what you want to be able to do successfully

Firstly I identify the ability I wish to have, which today is
I want to give constructive feedback

Secondly Identify the qualities of the ability to give constructive feedback
( google is brill for this)
For this MakeBelief I am using the following source
Giving Constructive Feedback – For Dummies

Thirdly I write my MakeBelief in n creatively exciting story, to enable revealling my brilliance, as if I was already able to do it, while icorporating all the criteria I identified for the ability

I have my A5 MakeBelief Journal which gives me pleasure reading through and I get practice the abilities and strengthen the self image

Its pleasingly rewardiing for all involved when I am constructively giving Feedback. I am effortlessly identifying what the feedback will be about and then creatively specifying what occurred ………. ………………………..

So ye that was the beginning of my makebelief I’ve highlighted the ings as the inging tricks the mind as if it is already happening

I want to be a brilliant story teller, (I did this one and I am getting good results)

I want to be a successful stand up comedian This one I have done but have been unable to produce any material so I have put this one on the shelf for now, so if anyone cann assist me with this, if your interested I’ll type up my makebeliefs for this one ( I now have a greater understanding of the mechanics of standup but I’m not finding my material nada grrrr) I tell myself It will flow when it is ready hehe

It’s a work in progress so if feel you can assist please I’m open to assistance



Central London Study Group Starting 12th April!

New weekly NLP study group starting next Tuesday 12th April 7pm – Lamb’s Conduit Street, WC1N 3NB.

Although we all love talking about NLP, the focus will be on practising tools and techniques to get them ‘in the muscle’.

Free entry but spaces are limited, please email ‘’ for more info or to book a place.

Central London Study Group Starting 12th April!