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Is Time Sequential or Is there Another Altered Reality?

Recently I read "NLP – The Wild Days" by Terence McClendon in which he has described how (during those days) the NLP community experimented with altered states of reality.

I have had some experience of my own with time distortion. After reading "The Wild Days", I started wondering about our perception of time. We typically perceive time as linear or at the very least sequential – Past before the present and present before the future.

Can we create altered states of reality (another nice name for deep trance phenomena) where time is not sequential – for that matter – rather time is constructed in a form where all 3 (past, present & future) co-exist, at the same time, in the same space?

Has any one had any experience with creating such states? I would be keen to learn about it.

Thanks & regards,

– Anil

Is Time Sequential or Is there Another Altered Reality?

‘Deletion’ During Sleep

I recently had my in laws staying with us at my apartment and noticed that both of them snored and it bothered them – so they sleep in separate rooms.

During sleep, each gets affected by the sound of the other person snoring. However the sound they make on their own does not bother either of them during their sleep.

Now I realize that the sound waves when they originate and travel in space, the point of origin and direction of sound wave travel has an impact on our perception of the intensity of the sound.

Keeping this factor aside – Is it possible that during our sleep we are engaging in the process of selective deletion of the sensory input received by us?

If yes, can we learn to have more conscious choice and control over this process?

If yes, can any one provide some inputs on how can we learn to do so?

=>Why would I want to learn this?

a) Curiosity
b) If this could be learned, then we could possibly learn to choose our dreams (or our nightmares) as the case might be?

Thanks in advance.


– Anil

‘Deletion’ During Sleep


Hi fellow NLPers :)

Do any of you use tasking with your clients? And if so, how exactly do you do it?
I know Erickson used this a lot and I’ve heard of it as being a very affective tool as it being a way of letting the client generate his own metaphor from an experience you send him/her out to have. What I’m wondering about is how specifically to do this. How would I, as an NLPer decide on the task that’s suitable?
Any ideas, experience or thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Diffrences Between NLP and ERIKSONIAN Hypnosis

Hello to all

I`m in need of some advice as we all know a lot of information is on the internet and everybody has an oppinion on NLP.
I`ve recently heard from a hypnostit that NLP dosen`t start with eriksonian hypnosys but with classical hypnosys wich is less effective.If i want to know everything about hypnsis should i do NLP practioner master and trainer or eriksonian hypnosis training.
Thank you in advance

<a href=>Diffrences Between NLP and ERIKSONIAN hypnosis

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не больше 700 ккал в день строгая дие

Hi Over There, at the Other Side of the Screen!

:) Goodevening, night or morning.
My name is Riejan and I am a teacher, trainer and I live in the Netherlands. I’m going to figure out how this forum works and hopefully I will meet nice people overhere!

Hi Over There, at the Other Side of the Screen!

Hypnotic Hijacking… Stealing Someones Trance…

Hypnotic theft…

Right or Wrong…

Or just a matter of plain ol utilisation…

<a href="” target=”_blank”>Stealing hypnosis… Featuring Jorgen Rasmussen!

Should we lock the ‘innovators’ up and throw away the key?

Or maybe embrace what we have and move the field beyond where it is now to new and exciting realms?

FWIIW The guy 45 mins earlier when I asked him how he got into NLP said "I had a fear of dogs that was affecting every part of my life"…

Comments appreciated…


Hypnotic Hijacking… Stealing Someones Trance…

New NLP Pattern

Basically, combining a set of verbal metaphors referencing spatial and temporal submodalities, I have devised a new viral meme that installs a brand new meta-programme which I call smart ignore. How cool would it be to have everyone whose opinions differ or grate simply filtered from your awareness? You will find yourself unconsciously identifying the people who generally disagree with you and automatically and unconsciously filter out ANY sensory data related to their presence. It automatically resul….

New NLP Pattern

What’s Right and Wrong with NLP (if Anything)? And What Does the Future Hold for NLP?

Not a trick question, I would really like to know what others think. Personally I’ve spent some time ponding what I believe is right with NLP, what I believe is wrong with NLP, and what I perceive the likely future of NLP will be if things rmain broadly similar to what they are now.

Many of us have invested a lot of time and resources in NLP, so we have an interest vested in these questions.

So. What (if anything) do you believe is right with NLP? What are the strengths which will keep it develping, and what will it develop into?

What (if anything) is wrong with NLP? What mistakes have been made, what should have been done better or differently and how likely is the survival of NLP?

We all feel secure in our niche within NLP, and we would all like to think that our version of NLP is valid and secure, but is it really? What makes it so, or not, as the case may be?

Please try to step outside of that and take a broad view.

What’s Right and Wrong with NLP (if Anything)? And What Does the Future Hold for NLP?


Around 20 years ago, before the game boy was invented, I once brought to the dinning table a small portable video-game. My parents got really angry with me and did not allowed me to use it for some time, because playing video games while having dinner was supposed to be in polite, they do not allow you to pay attention to the other persons in the table.

Yesterday I was out having dinner and I saw that the majority has their cell phones out on the table. People was not talking much to each other, not paying attention to each other, they were looking with long faces at their cell phone. At some point the cell phone vibrates or makes a small sound and they really fast take it, read something, smile, sometimes they show it to the persons they are with, they smile. Then this person answers really fast, puts the cell phone over the table again and the long face returns.

I’ve seen the same behavior in bars, clubs and other places where people is suppose to be hanging around with friends, and also in lecture rooms, buses, trains, offices.

I guess here we all have read that most communication is non-verbal, well I guess right now here in Belgium that is completely wrong. You just need to let your cell phone home so that you can focus on what is happening around you, and you’ll see that most communication between people is happening through SMS, which are composed by words and acronyms.

I’ve never liked cell phones so I find this behavior horrible. I think many of them are completely addicted to the sms, they get 2 seconds of satisfaction while reading them, then they enter into a stand by mental state where they can’t focus on anything and just get annoyed if anything different than a new sms comes in to their way.

What is your opinion about this?
Do you think is polite, impolite or neutral to put the cell phone in the table and wait until an sms arrives?
Is this type of communication a harmful addiction?
Is it helping people to connect better with each other, is it alienating people or none?
Is this making people to be happier?

My point of view is that this new type of communication affects directly in the attention of people. Face to face communication is decreasing, eye contact is decreasing, the interest of making new connections and interacting with strangers decreases, empathy between each others decreases, human contact decreases. I believe those things are very important to achieve some type of fulfillment in live, and do not like to see them being erased little by little.
Again all these thoughts might be biased by me not liking the cell phones on the first place so I would be glad to know your opinions about it.