3d Mind 3.0 Steps(protocol)?

Hi guys,

I found a description about the 3D mind process and I liked it very much.
It worked instantly on a big problem I had but I’m still screwed up at many parts of my life.
Is there anywhere a group of people at the net who use the process and help each other cause I’m a little bit uncertain about some things around 3d mind ? That would be awesome!
I checked out submodalities and fast phobie cure but they dont work as good as the problem comes back after a day but maybe I just suck at NLP(and have no money for 5000 euro course).

Then I heard that there is a 3.0 version out which is even better. Now I’m curious.
It seems the guy who invented it gives it only away when you pay him a serious amount(which is maybe worth..) that I dont have.
Does anyone have the new protocol or could state if it is really that different to the old protocol? You could also mail it to me at worldofspf@googlemail.com .
sorry for bad english I’m no native

best wishes

3d Mind 3.0 Steps(protocol)?

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