6 Step Reframe on Medical Conditions

In 2004?, I attended John Grinder’s New Code training in California. during that training, with the group’s agreement, John taught what he called setting up a "communication arrangement" with one’s unconscious. and one thing it could be used for is response to/management? of physical/medical conditions. and what he really taught is the 6 step frame on those conditions

now I’m pretty healthy and have no known medical conditions
yet I had a thing on my leg(wart). sometime ago(over 6 months), I did a 6 step reframe on the wart. with some really interesting results – the wart….. disappeared

I’m just curious. of the seasoned practitioners on this website, who has been using the 6 step reframe on medical conditions and what kind of results are you getting?


6 Step Reframe on Medical Conditions

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