A Quick Self Intro'

Hello all – my name is Josie and I am living in Australia.

I have found my way here after reading Richard Bandler and listening to the CD that came with it (neurosonics). I had read Richard Bandler and John Grinder 15 years ago – however as I was not a practioner and living in a small country town, my reading was mainly for my own personal interest.

I have now moved to a bigger city and finding myself away from my social network with time on my hands, I noticed this book at my sister’s house and my interest in NLP has been renewed – or perhaps the timing in now more suitable for me.

My main interest is in making the most of the rest of my life, motivating myself to be and attract the best I can and motivating the members of my team in my new job.

Where I left off with NLP 15 years ago was a belief that I needed to use a practioner (and there were none in my town) and now that I am aware of the new products (like CD, MP3) I look forward to increasing my knowledge, abilities and potential.

thanks for reading – bye for now and all be well

A Quick Self Intro’

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