Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ with Licensed Master Trainer of NLP Mark Hayley


Here’s a bit more information on the up and coming Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist
taught by Licensed Master Trainer of NLP Mark Hayley. The course is taking place
near to Holborn on the 21st to the 27th of November, to book call Change and Progress
on 0844 809 9939 or email,
I understand that there is a 10% discount for NLP connections members :)

Mark Hayley, will be leading the way with this rarely-taught, cutting-edge workshop! for those of you that don’t know Mark
he is one of Richard Bandlers former apprentice’s and is also a Society of NLP Master Trainer.

During this workshop Mark will be sharing with you some of the ways that Richard Bandler
works with clients in his ‘Personal Enhancement Workshop’.

Mark says: "This is an experiential workshop, with lots of demos by me and plenty of practice
with your fellow attendees, all under the supervision of experienced assistants.

By the end of this workshop, instead of seeing the client’s challenges as individual
things to change, you will be making systemic adjustments in the client’s model of the world,
using NLP generatively, so that by making one change you short-circuit problems that
you otherwise may have had to tackle one at a time, or worse, would have sabotaged
the otherwise good work that you had done."

Here’s an Audio Link of Mark chatting about the workshop Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist – YouTube

Mark will also be showing you ways of working with ‘problem’ clients, including how to build
and maintain generalisations instead of just ‘future pacing’, utilising meta-programs
and more all in a fun filled learning environment.

Licenses will all signed by Mark Hayley, and co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler
and the Society of NLP™.

Hope to see you there thanks Judy

Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ with Licensed Master Trainer of NLP Mark Hayley

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