Affirmations Overcoming My Resistance

Hey Guys,

The past few months I’ve been using subliminal cds to change my beliefs. I’ve used many to increase my confident, self-esteem, etc. They have worked quite well for me but I’ve always had conscious resistance. I started doing a 6 month, 6 stage program which ended up with me putting too much expectation on the subliminal, I couldn’t let go, I had to always think about it and think about the changes it was putting on me on a daily basis. I started developing panic attacks which I think was due to the anxiety that came up and my cigarette addiction. I’m now working on getting this fixed. I am using an Overcome Anxiety subliminal which is helping with the anxiety and I’m 4 days in cold-turkey. Now I want to really overcome this resistance and learn to let go so I can continue using the previous subliminal.

I think my problem lies in letting go and allowing change to happen naturally, releasing all expectations, and allow myself to loose control to the present moment, knowing that everything will be ok, and I will be successful. If I can get over these things, I can do just fine, I believe.

Here are some affirmations I have come up with that I hope to use with computer flashing software, I’d really like more suggestions, advice:

I now let go of all expectations
I now flow freely and lovingly with myself
I now live in the moment
I now focus my awareness in the present
I now completely let go of all expectations and live in the moment
I now and forever, absolutely and completely stop sabotaging myself
I now fully and completely accept that I deserve to succeed
I now absolutely know that I can and will succeed
It is safe for me to give up control
I allow myself to relax in the present
I release the need to know what I’m going to do next
This moment is my life. I am living my life now.
Happiness is a choice. I choose to be grateful and enjoy this moment.
I trust that I can overcome any challenges presented to me
I now fully and genuinely accept that I am absolutely worthy of success
I now fully and genuinely choose to succeed
I now absolutely know that I can succeed

Affirmations Overcoming My Resistance

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