Aleister Crowley

I was earlier reading Philip Farber’s post, on the thread he started yesterday, and in it he mentions Aleister Crowley (on his website too, I see).

Not wanting to hijack Philip’s thread I’m starting my own……hope that’s ok.

You see a few years ago my husband, who is a builder, was renovating an old house in Leamington Spa… was 30 Clarendon Square….a huge town house and the birthplace of Aleister Crowley.

He had no idea of this, nor had he ever heard of Mr. Crowley, that is until, one day, some young students turned up at the house.

They had come all the way from Australia just to see the house where Aleister Crowley was born.

They filled hubby in on just who this man was and you can imagine their delight when he took them in and showed them round and let them take back souvenirs, bits of old timber etc…….they were beside themselves with glee lol.

After hearing about this, I was surprised that I’d never heard of Aleister Crowley myself.
I was born and brought up in and around Leamington Spa and my dad was very much into the occult and the paranormal, something he used to discuss with me ( only as much as my mother would allow).
I can’t ever remember him mentioning Aleister Crowley.

So seeing Aleister’s name, earlier, reminded me of when hubby worked on the old house in Leamington.
It was only a few years ago but I didn’t have the Internet then, so didn’t look any further into this Aleister guy.

So I’ve just spent a very interesting hour or so reading up on him……it made for very interesting reading.

-It seems he’s number 73 on the list of 100 Greatest Britons…….ahead of Bob Geldof 😕

-Aleister Crowley is on the cover of The Beatles Sergeant Pepper album……back row….second from left.
According to Ringo Star, the people on the cover of the album are people they like and admire.
I’m surprised they admired Aleister Crowley, from what I’ve been reading about him 😮

-I see he studied the I Ching……….isn’t that about tapping into the unconscious mind?
So I googled NLP and Aleister Crowley, to see if it threw anything up, and found this.


I’ve read it but haven’t had time to take it in….in a bit of a hurry just now……gotta dash off to work very soon.
Will do some more research on AC later.

Sorry for such a rambling post, and thanks for reading it, what I’d like to know is this –

Was Aleister Crowley just a very unpleasant Satanist…….or was he a misunderstood genius who was ahead of his time?

Discuss :))


Aleister Crowley

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