Amazing NLP Course for Sale in Dublin

Amazing NLP course for sale!
I booked two NLP courses 4 months ago, but I can’t attend to them because I found a new job. I am starting one week before the course.

The courses are:
Wealth Acceleration Certification Level I 16-20 October
Wealth Acceleration Certification Level II 23-27 October (25 is in bank holiday

Some of the topics covered are:
–Hypnotic Lanaguage Patterns
–Recipe for Success
–Motivation Strategis
–Neurologiacal repattering

The designer of the courses is Christopher Howard, a well renowned NLP practitioner.
After you do the course you get certificate in:
–Neurological Repatterning
–Results Coach
–Subconscious Reprogramming
–Ericksonian Hypnosis

The price include a set of 40 CD’s and full manuals for the course.
You might think the price is expensive but this courses are sold at £9890 at the official site.

Please reply to the add if you are interested in more details

Amazing NLP Course for Sale in Dublin

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