An Evening with Frank Pucelik

If you have an interest in NLP history and a curiosity about how it all got started this special one off event will be of interest to you. Frank Pucelik’s contribution is cited by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair in ‘Whispering in the Wind’ but rarely mentioned elsewhere in NLP. Frank for the first time ever is now going to lift the lid on NLP and blow out the myths surrounding its early years. Frank will be talking openly about events that happened before any of the other NLP personalities were involved.

Frank was there with Richard before NLP and then with John and Richard at NLP’s earliest and most important developmental stages. Next to Grinder and Bandler, Frank has more knowledge about the NLP early days and a willingness to share with the NLP community the story of how it all began. Frank has been living and working in Ukraine since 1986 and has not led any public event in Europe or the USA since the mid eighties. This is a rare opportunity to hear and see the man who was there at the start of a new field.


  • How Frank teamed up with Richard Bandler
  • The work Frank was doing with Bandler pre NLP days
  • The arrival and influence of John Grinder
  • The early work between Pucelik, Grinder and Bandler
  • How three became two
  • The arrival of the term NLP
  • The rapid development and growth of a field
  • The exit of the third man

Until now Frank has kept a low profile in Europe and USA focussing his attention on building his business in the Ukraine. Now he wants to share his knowledge and experience to tell the real story of how NLP emerged from one room in University of California Santa Cruz. This is rare opportunity; take full advantage of connecting with one of the original man NLP.

Dates: 22 September
Location: Central London
Registration 18:00
Finish Time 21:00

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An Evening with Frank Pucelik

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