An Introduction to PhotoReading

Learn how to double your reading speed in an evening.

On the 20th April Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy will be running an introductory evening on PhotoReading.

PhotoReading is the fastest way to read anything. With PhotoReading you can accelerate your reading to amazingly fast speeds and have increased recall. This may sound outlandish, fantastic or even a bit weird yet thousands pf people have dramatically changed the way they read by enrolling on a PhotoReading course.

During this evening with PhotoReading Trainer, Michael Carroll you will be introduced to some of the core principals of PhotoReading and gain a practical experience of how it works. After the evening you will have seen the PhotoReading System in action and personally experienced and practised two elements of the system and be will already be speeding up to twice your current speed of reading.

During this evening you will

Be introduced to the five step PhotoReading system in action
Seen a demonstration of PhotoReading
Experience and practice how to get into the optimal state for reading
Learn a technique that will help you double your speed of reading

20th April 2011

Starts: Wednesday 20th April 2011
Ends: Wednesday 20th April 2011

Venue NLP Academy Centre

Trainers Michael Carroll

Schedule Registration: 6:00pm
Start Time: 6:30pm
Finish Time: 9:00pm

(£15.00 inc VAT)

An Introduction to PhotoReading

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