Any Ideas of a Story That Would Convey…

… success.

Someone told me a story a while back about going to a hypnotist and being able to do amazing things but then not being able to do them again. Well now that story has leaked into my psyche and I find myself discovering full proof ways of generating great feelings but then a day later I struggle a little bit and a seed of doubt drops in there and it all goes to crap. I know what I’m doing works and I can still get it to work when the doubt isn’t there but as soon as it comes to mind I start to struggle again.

The times I find it easiest is when I get so pissed off with it not working and knowing I can do it it drives me with determination to succeed. But only for a short time before it doesn’t want to work any more. The thought of self sabotage comes into my mind but then that’s just another way of validating the doubt.

So this is what I do… I say to myself "Imagine I’m feeling fantastic" and I pretend that I am and after a short time the good feelings start to flow to the point where I really feel fantastic and I think to myself "I am feeling fantastic!". And that’s pretty much it.

This is the struggling strategy. When I get to the pretend bit if I don’t get the feeling quickly I’ll maybe think something like "I’m not doing it right" and I’ll tense up a little. The longer this goes on the more the doubt builds and I start thinking of the story I mentioned at the beginning that someone told me and think of other reasons why it’s not working which of course only strengthens my doubt even more.

It’s easy to say to just stop doing the crappy strategy but I keep thinking there is something in my unconscious that’s causing this to happen.

I’m trying to think of a story that will have someone winning then losing their way but ultimately they get their power back for infinity! Or something like that.

Any Ideas of a Story That Would Convey…

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