Awesome NLP Mastermind Group – Lead by a Master NLP Practioner

Once a week, there’s a small group that meets as an NLP mastermind group. It is lead by a Master NLP practitioner and has several very successful and motivated members.

I’ve been a part of the group since March, and we’re open to additional members.

What the group is about (and what I want to see it continue to be about):
-Learning, practicing and mastering NLP techniques
-Foster a mastermind environment to share knowledge, learn, inspire each other
-Pushing your own limits, learning about yourself, growing, and achieving your goals

Who’s the right fit:
-Motivated and successful person (personal, school, and/or business aspects)
-Adds value – we’re here to learn and share, everybody adds some kind of value
-Positive attitude
-Interest in NLP beyond pick-up use

Why I enjoy the group:
-Interact with other successful and solid people
-I’m a self-improvement junkie with real results, and looking to continue on that trajectory with like minded people
-Learn NLP from experienced and qualified people


Every Monday nights from 7pm in East Bay. The group will also serve as a mastermind group, and we will learn and share the best practices of each other. As such, we will be a small, select group of individuals (men and possibly women) with something to contribute.

Our focus is on how to be an amazing person, successful in all aspects of life, and charismatic to everyone you meet. Everyone in the group so far has already VERY GOOD communication and social skills, and our intention is to have fun and enhance our lives to be even more AMAZING and OUTSTANDINGLY SUCCESSFUL.

We will be learning and practicing cutting edge NLP, hypnosis and persuasion skills. I am NLP Trainer certified (that means I can certify others up to Master Practitioner level), and have spent the last two years in intensive NLP study, attending over $25,000 worth of courses with some of the best NLP masters/trainers. I have also served as teaching assistant for all three levels of NLP training (NLP practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer’s Training). By participating and being part of this group, you will learn the equivalent of NLP Practitioner and a significant portion of Master Practitioner courses (worth $7-12K depending on the trainer).

If you want to join the group, you must either meet with us or send an email to

There may be a cost to join. If you cannot afford it, this group is not for you. Yes, we’re charging to screen out the less serious and accomplished (and seriously… you’ll be getting an education and support worth 10X the amount and beyond any one-time bootcamp).
If you attend minimum of 6 out of first 8 meetings (demonstrate commitment), you will get a refund for the money.
If you’re interested and serious, but cannot afford the membership cost, PM/email me why you want to learn NLP and what you can contribute to the group, and the fee may be discounted or waived.

This is not a commercial event/group.
There will be an intensive intro session on a Sunday before regular Monday meetings for the group or those interested in joining.

The group will be 10 people max, in order to ensure quality and speed of learning. We already have 7, all experienced in NLP and/or with significant life accomplishments.

If interested, PM with some info on your interest and why you’re a fit, and we’ll take it from there.



Awesome NLP Mastermind Group – Lead by a Master NLP Practioner

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