Binaural Beats and Trance

I was thinking of making myself a few tracks of these binaural beat entrainment tracks.

I see that this technology is normally used to bring one down to the alpha and theta levels. What I’m wondering though, s how these states compare to the states induced when doing hypnosis. The thing is, I read in an article in ‘Scientific American Mind’ about meditation, that the experienced Budhist monks, when they meditate (referring to experienced practitioners, who, when meditating, rather than focus their attention on any one thing, but rather "A from of metacognition – the objective is not to focus one’s attention but rather to use one’s brain to monitor the universe of mental experience without directing attention to any one task"), their brain waves withion the cerebral cortex are in sync at the gamma frequency. Further more, the article states that beta waves occur during concentration.

Therefore, it seems to me that binaural beats set to entrain one up to the beta and gamma frequencies may be more useful in terms of inducing states of concentration and trance. This is not to say that going to down to alpha and theta would not be useful or fun, just that for self hypnosis going ‘up’ is probably more appropriate. I’ll just have to experiment going both ways and see what happens.

Does anyone more informed on this topic than me know the answer to this?

Binaural Beats and Trance

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