Breakthrough Sessions

Hi All

I have got to know about this!

I have been doing Changework for about 5 years now, starting out with and NLP, then varied hypnosis approaches, Clean Language, Eye Movement stuff and since February this year Provocative work.

In all that time, I have never trained or known anyone personally who does ‘Breakthrough Sessions’, but I often see them advertised on peoples NLP sites. So here is my question:

WHAT exactly IS a ‘Breakthrough Session’?

One person I know told me of a friend who had visited an NLPer who would sort out ALL your issues in one session for £1000. Is this what the term means?

Does the term have a specific meaning, or is it just a fancy name for a consultation/session or whatever you may call your standard changework session?

And if it does have a specific meaning, what exactly constitutes a ‘Breakthrough Session’?

Any info on this would be genuinely appreciated!

All the very best

James Tripp

Breakthrough Sessions

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