Can Memories Be Erased

I just read this article by Joseph Ledoux

"…Part of the memory consolidation dogma was that a memory is consolidated only once. Thus, each time the memory is retrieved, it is the original memory that is activated and remembered. But in spite of this strongly held assumption, other research, largely ignored for decades, suggested that memories become labile when retrieved and have to be restored, or re-consolidated, via protein synthesis in order to remain available for later retrieval. If something is done to them during the time when they are labile and before they are reconsolidated they are subject to disruption — that is, the memories might be erased, or made permanently inaccessible, during this time."

Well we NLPers already knew that going back in time to recall memories to find the "cause" is sloppy. :)

Joseph LeDoux: Can Memories Be Erased?

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Can Memories Be Erased

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