Can You Believe in a Overweight NLP Trainer?

Ok, here me out here… I have your attention, and I wish to ask a very important question.

Attractiveness is apparently what most people long for, and instinctively this is linked to being lean and healthy.

Being, feeling, looking good, makes one feel good, and perform better.. confidence is the underlying factor in all of this.

So… moving on, we are told that being overweight, smoking, other addictions.. etc.. are all in the mind as "limiting beliefs"

I guess you can see where I am headed with this….

If a "master" NLP trainer looks a total state, and I mean more or less like a slob who has totally let go of himself.. would this not be indicative of a state of mind malfunctioning?

Therefore.. would hypocrisy not reign supreme in his "education" of NLP?

Love this place, love the esteemed folk who always respond, and really looking forward to some erudite and honest responses to this pose.

Thank you in advance.

Can You Believe in a Overweight NLP Trainer?

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