‘You can do it!’- Roy’s Panic Away Success Story.

Panic Away member, Roy shares his anxiety story with us. For anyone doubting themselves, or the Panic Away program, Roy is here to tell you and reassure you that: YOU CAN DO IT! 

“It’s been a little over two years since I found the Panic Away program, and the Forum.  I had suffered a pretty nasty panic attack around October of 2010, and not being able to understand what it was that I experienced, the fear of it drove me to a pretty bad case of anxiety.

I suffered through all of the nasty symptoms that most of us experience with panic and anxiety, and I’ve been through some pretty tough and challenging experiences in my life, including Army boot camp. Nothing came close to the battle, and the challenge of overcoming a really heavy case of anxiety, and the fear of another panic attack.

If you’re someone that has just started this program, or you’ve been on this journey for a while and you’re trying to get back that life you once enjoyed.  I’m hear to tell you… you can do it!

I’ve seen and heard people say, (and I said the same thing myself)… “I just want my old self back.”   I’m pretty sure what you’re going to discover on your journey through this experience, is that you will find yourself again, but you’ll be a changed person because of it.  What I mean by that, is that you’ll be so much more aware of things that you didn’t pay attention to before your struggle began, and you’ll be a better person for it.

I heard this great quote from an NFL coach who won his battle against leukemia… he said “it’s not your circumstances that define you, it’s how you deal with them, and overcome them, that make you who you are.”

I think the hardest thing to accept through my recovery process, was that it was going to take time.  I heard Barry and others say this over and over, but I wanted it to go away now.  If there’s one piece of advice that I can give you, it would be this… try not to rush the recovery process.  Give your mind and body time to heal itself, and it will.  Accept where you are, and believe that you will get through this by working through the program, being patient with yourself, and giving it time.

I can honestly tell you that I don’t know exactly when the anxiety no longer effected my daily walk through life. It just begins to fade away when the focus on living your life, becomes more important than the focus on your struggle with anxiety.  I still feel a little anxious now and then, but that’s to be expected.  After all, it is human to be a little anxious and fearful of things sometimes.

The memory of what I went through with panic and anxiety will always be there, just like the memories of all the good times, and the struggles I’ve experienced in my life.  I think they’re a reminder of what’s important in life, and that past experiences help us to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  Sharing our experiences can also help others get through tough times, and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls in life that you’ve experienced.

Yesterday… I checked in to say hi.  I haven’t been back to the Forum much over the past year, so I stopped by to say hi to an old forum friend… Pam.  She’s been quite an inspiration to many of us, and I just wanted to let her know that I was doing well, and I hoped the same for her.  Pam replied, and suggested that it might be a good idea to tell everyone how I’m doing.  She said it might help some others to know that they too can get through this struggle, just like I did.

Thank you Pam for being such a caring force for many on this Forum, you will always be my friend.  Thank you Barry for sharing your life experience, so that all of us can use your program to help regain the life that anxiety, and panic took from us.  I am a better person today, because of my experience.  You can, and will get through this… stay strong, have fatih, and believe.



‘You can do it!’- Roy’s Panic Away Success Story.

A Panic Away Success Story: Fear of Flying

Anxiety prevented John from flying. Even the thoughts of getting on a plane scared him to death. He felt angry, frustrated and scared before getting anywhere near an airport. John now flies regularly and even enjoys the flight! Wow! Continue reading to find out how he made this big change in his life. 

“First off, welcome to the PA family. I’ve been here since January, and it has helped me tremendously.

Believe it or not, I’ve been where you are. My first panic attack occurred in October 2008 when I was flying hometo California from D.C.. I just remember saying the following words to myself, “I’m going to be in a tube for 6 hours?” It was the worse thing I had ever felt. Fortunately, I stayed the night at my friends home, and his wife gave me a valium so that I could fly home the next day. HOWEVER, I couldn’t fly for a while. I avoided it all-together. 

And then, I had to go to Vegas for my best friends wedding, and then fly to Denver for another friends wedding. I know what it feels like to book a flight online and feeling very panicky. I remember saying “why am I freaking out when I’m no where near  a plane yet!” It angered, frustrated, and scared me to death. No matter what I did, I felt like crap just thinking about booking a flight. It was crazy!

What did I do? Honestly, I just thought about the end result. I thought about what was awaiting me in the end. I will say that I do have Clonazepam pills in case I do have panicky moments before or during the flight. Easy way out? Sure is, but knowing that the pills are there just in case has helped a lot. Like I have said in other forums, I’m not a fan of medication whatsoever. BUT, if it can get me through the rough patches, then I will do it as long as it helps me out.

Just this past year, I flew to D.C. where it all started. A straight 6-hour flight without an issue. I enjoyed the flight and just let it be, just like old times. On the way back, I did have moment of “oh boy”, but I just flowed with the feeling and let it be. And then I flew to New Orleans to see my friend retire from the Navy (and where I was the guest speaker, which is another story.) Next month, headed up north to see my cousin, whom I haven’t seen in a few years. The common thought for all: I will not let anxiety, fear, or panic ruin quality time with family and friends. We, as anxiety sufferers, cannot let anxiety ruin our lives period.We will get over this. Put one foot in front of the other and enjoy life. It might be really bumpy (like a turbulent flight), but it will pass. Think about the end result and be happy. You have a honeymoon coming up, and I’m sure you want to enjoy it. Think about the good times you’re going to have, and not about the flight itself.

I no longer have the anticipatory thoughts like I use to. Some still linger, but I just give it the middle finger and move on. You can do the same, you just need to believe in the positive thoughts, and not give credibility to the negative ones. Easier said than done but you can do it. It took me a while but I did it.

Thank you so much for sharing this post John. You should be very proud of yourself.  Two things really stood out to me in this post:

– “I will not let anxiety, fear, or panic ruin quality time with family and friends” 

– “Put one foot in front of the other and enjoy life. It might be really bumpy (like a turbulent flight), but it will pass”

John’s comparison between life and a turbulent flight is very true, what an eloquent use of words! We all experience turbulence at some point in our lives, what is important is that we don’t let the bad times control us.



A Panic Away Success Story: Fear of Flying

Faith, Love and Hope- A Panic Away Success Story.

A Panic Away member explains has gone from an anxiety stricken life to a busy, normal, happy and healthy one!  A combination of Panic Away and practicing faith, love and hope have gotten her to where she is today.  She has now gotten perspective over her anxiety journey and see’s it as a gift. Continue reading for more info about this wonderful and inspirational success story.

“Faith Love Hope, these three words are what helped me to live a full normal healthy busy life again. It’s been nearly 4 years since my first experience with a Panic Attack. As most of you I’m sure I didn’t know what hit me. Is this a Heart attack? was this a Nervous Break down? some kind of Seizure? I was worried and desperate and I felt so alone!

My dearest friend suggested that it might be Panic Attacks so I started my research. Days turned to weeks and weeks to Months, I was struggling terribly, no medication that my Dr gave me worked! I couldn’t sleep because I was so scared something might happen to me when I did. Now I know that sleeping well is one of the most important gifts we can give our Anxious bodies

One Doctors visit followed another, one test after another nothing seems to be wrong with me physically. At last I dicided to buy the Panic Away Program (at first I thought it might be a scam boy was I wrong!) I immediately printed the booklet (I bought the online copy) and started reading. I cried heaps because someone understood! Someone knew! Someone have been through this horror and survived!

I joined the Forum and it became a life line. Panic Attacks and Anxiety is a lonely road. Family and friends don’t understand, they try but they don’t. This Journey is YOURS and yours alone!

Something that I read stuck (I think it was Barry that said it) You will get to the other side and it would have been worth while! Really? You’ve got to be joking! I feel horrible! I feel sick all the time! My tummy is upset, I can’t eat, I’m nauseous and dizzy all the time. I’m so so scared!! How on earth can this be worth anything? Well today I can say the same. This has been a difficult but WONDERFUL  Journey and I am actually glad that I had been given this Gift.

Have faith in yourself and your body.
Have faith that you will come through this.
Create your own Recipe for healing and have faith in it.
Mine is:

  • Enough sleep, at least 8 hours a night 10 is even better especially when you just start healing.
  • Drink a lot of water. I always had a bottle of water with me, it was my medicine.
  • Eat healthy meals, as little take away and instant food as possible.
  • Cut our Caffeine and alcohol especially in the beginning.
  • Do lots of exercise!(You have to build up a sweat. I promise you it is better that any Benzo!
  • Do the Panic Away Audios as much as possible! (I also find Guided Meditation a wonderful tool)
  • DO NOT RESIST A PANIC ATTACK! Welcome it in, let it flow right through you. Tell it that you are not frightened of it and that you know, it can not harm it! .

Start every day with the hope that today is going to be better than tomorrow and tomorrow even more better. Without hope our days will be an endless struggle. We hope and we strive  for calm and for peace in ourselves. If like me you couldn’t drive any more, just DO it, every day, as much as possible because the day will come that you hoped for, driving will be easy and calm again. If you’re scared to leave your house, just DO it, if you walk 100 steps more every day, soon you will be able to go as far as possible and the day you hoped for will have arrived. If you’re scared of Flying (like I was) buy a ticket and just Do it, because you might be besides yourself with fear, you might even have a Panic Attack but you will be okay and the next time you will be able to do it easier and the next even like the experience.

Learn to love yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Love YOU! Look after you. Give yourself the time you need to recover and to recuperate. It’s okay to be a little selfish, it’s okay to say NO.
Recognize your blessings no matter how small they seem to be. Being Positive and thankful is the best Love you can give yourself.

My life is full of Joy and Peace. My life is Calm and Comfortable. My body is healthy. My Mind is healthy. This Journey has been a blessing and it still is every day. Every day is good!

You can have this too, just believe! Don’t wait for this to be over, WORK at it as if your life depends on it! Do what you want to today, go for a walk, go for a drive, go for a visit don’t put it off because you feel anxious. Have Faith, have hope and have Love.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and inspirational story with us! You truly deserve your new, anxiety free life and you should be very proud of yourself! 


Faith, Love and Hope- A Panic Away Success Story.

Jane Shares Her 5 Tips For Reducing Anxiety

When Jane found Panic Away she found great comfort in the realization that she was not alone. Jane had suffered from panic attacks since the age of 12 and knowing that others were going though the same thing helped her tremendously.  Jane used to have a fear of flying and would not get on a flight. Now, she is married to a pilot and flies at least 12 times a year on both long and short flights. Alongisde the Panic Away program, Jane also discovered many tips and tricks that were valuable tools for her on her journey towards an anxiety free life. Find out what her 5 tips for reducing anxiety are below:

“Once I discovered I wasn’t alone it helped tremendously and the Panic Away course was the only course I ever purchased. When I was at my panic peak I’d spend a lot of time on the forum and when I am ok, I don’t use it. It’s good to know it’s there should I need it.

Now I know it will pass and I’m not alone. I’ve also learned it helps:

1. To get good sleep,

2. To have ave a level of fitness as hyperventilation starts when I’m unfit.

3. To maintain a good weight.

4. To eat regularly and to not skip meals. I keep biscuits or energy bars in my bag if I know I might miss a meal.

5. Writing down my blessings when I feel an uneasiness start. I’m more anxious when I’m unwell which, thank goodness, is rare.

Point 5 is of utmost importance because when you write down your gratitudes you fill your consciousness with positive thoughts and vibes. This immediately lifts your spirits and I feel the calmness seep into me. As a child I’d sing hymns or read psalms from the bible. Anything positive to distract from the attack.

It’s very hard to convince someone in the middle of an attack that it will pass. When you feel like you’re dying it’s hard to think logically. This is the key time to use what you’ve learned. I used to be terrified of flying, afraid an attack would start at 36000 feet. Now I’m married to a pilot and fly at least 12 times a year mostly long haul flights of over 6 hours in length. The trick is to have many and varied distractions. I have my kindle, my knitting, my iPad, where I write affirmations if I feel uneasy

I do not take any form of drugs to control my anxiety. The thought of a drug controlling my problem doesn’t sit well with me. Therefore it’s important I learned to control the attacks naturally.

Thankfully over the years the attacks have lessened and I’ve not had a major attack in over 20 years. I raised my kids to speak of their problems and should they have an attack to call me. Thankfully they don’t have this affliction. I used the lessons of my fear-ridden childhood to raise my children differently and it’s paid off. Im very grateful for that”

Thank you for sharing your story Jane! 



Jane Shares Her 5 Tips For Reducing Anxiety

How to Turn Fear Into Excitement

Can we turn anxiety and panic into a positive experience? Can we turn fear into excitement?

I believe we can and I am going to explain briefly how it is done.

Anxiety/panic is an experience everyone tries to avoid and run from. Our instinct is to fight against the feeling and find some way to end it quickly so that we can return to feeling calm and safe.

I believe however, that it’s a lot easier to turn anxiety into excitement, rather than turning anxiety into a state of calm. The reason for this is because being anxious and excited are actually the same physiological states for your body (the aroused state), it’s just how your mind reacts to this state that determines the emotion you feel. I am going to show you how you can quickly train your mind to respond with excitement to anxiety/panic rather than fear.

Let’s use the example of a panic attack. A panic attack is almost always triggered by bodily sensations. Maybe your heart starts pounding or your chest feels tight. Maybe you feel dizzy or your body shakes. You know very well when its about to kick off and in a split second your mind reacts with fear to these bodily sensations. “Oh no here we go again, I am going to have a panic attack, -I might lose control, -I might die”.

That initial reaction is so split second it is almost impossible to control but at least now you are aware of what is happening and NOW is your moment to stop reacting and to choose a new response. Instead of reacting with resistance and fear to the sensations, you are going to respond with curiosity and excitement.

Here are the actual steps you need to take so that you can quickly move from fear to excitement:

  1. Do not fight or resist the bodily sensations. (Remember, you are safe these sensations will not harm you)
  2. Befriend the sensations and anxiety you feel, -do not see it as your enemy, it is your guide.
  3. Embrace the sensations fully and observe them with a compassionate curiosity.
  4. Now PLAY with the sensations. Encourage the bodily sensations to intensify. Get excited by this heightened state of arousal. Push the energy out and run with it. Let your heart pound, let your chest feel tight, let your mind race, let your body shake. Do not try and control it, experience it fully and feel really excited and alive because of it.

By taking the above steps you are doing something radically different. You are no longer resisting but embracing and moving with the experience. This movement is one of pure excitement as you ride the wave of fear instead of letting it toss you around.

Enjoy it, be excited by it , do not resist it.
That is how you turn fear into excitement.

Author note: Credit goes to Mary O’Malley and Neale Donald Walsch for clarifying the dynamics of reaction and response.

How to Turn Fear Into Excitement

“Trust me it gets better” – Louise’s Success Story

Louise’s anxiety got so bad that it prevented her from going to College or Work. She couldn’t go out in public, eat or even just enjoy a movie. After practising the Panic Away techniques and using the forum, Louise now describes herself as an incredibly happy person. She is enjoying work, and living her life.

“ My anxiety started back in October, it was so bad, that i had to cancel my plans to go to college, and not go into work.

I thought i was doing good all through november and i got enough courage to fly into work in december. However, my anxiety got the best of me when i went up to work and i was sent home after 4 days because i had a panic attack. It sent me right back to square one, i couldn’t go anywhere public, to eat or enjoy a movie. I thought i had been doing so well but i was back at the beginning. I tried going on long-term anti anxiety meds two times and both times it made it worse and just didn’t help me one bit. So i really started using Barry’s techniques, and learning to accept myself and my feelings. I started talking with a great counselor and journaling really helped me too. I really prepared myself for when i had to return to work again. It had been a whole 4 months since i had done a rotation at camp.

But i just did my first week at work since October and it went AMAZING. I have so much more confidence in myself after getting through it. I was soooo nervous to go on the plane and so nervous to work, my thoughts were going full force a couple days before i went in, but i told myself that i’m safe and it will all be okay. And of course it was! Just shows how bull sh*t these anxious thoughts are, trying to tell you that things are gonna go horrible but they really arent. I finally feel like i’m getting my life back on track, i was in a really bad place the past few months and thought things would never get better and i’d always be like this, but TRUST me it gets better. I know i’m still gonna have my challenges, this is only one week of work and i have tons of weeks ahead of me and trips i’d eventually like to take. It will take time i know, but i know i can do it and if i have the strength to do it, you do too.

This program has helped me tremendously. I met someone on here that helped me out so much, and got me through a lot of tough days without even knowing me, and i’m happy to now call him my friend. There are truly amazing people on here that are brave enough to share their stories and it really helped me when i felt i was spiraling down into darkness, so i wanted to share my story. Trust me theres a light at the end and it will only get better

Anxiety is one of the worst things i have ever experienced, its tough when people don’t understand and you feel alone, but know that you are not. I’m on a high from my success of flying into work, having no troubles there and flying back after i was done my week. I am so incredibly happy, and if you were to know how bad things were for me a couple months ago, you would not see the same person at all”

 If you are reading this and are in the same place that Louise was, battling with panic and anxiety, know that you can get better and you can have your life back. You are not alone in this! 

Visit 10b26ju08cefdajeolv5osdqbj.hop.clickbank.net for more information on the program.

“Trust me it gets better” – Louise’s Success Story

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Are anxiety and panic attacks making it difficult for you to enjoy your daily life? If you’re like most people who suffer from high levels of anxiety and experience panic attacks on a regular basis, you may not be aware of what your “triggers” are.

I talk more about what causes panic attacks and anxiety in my book, Panic Away. In most cases, the trigger for panic attacks and other forms of general anxiety are related to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Basically, you are more vulnerable to having a panic attack or experiencing an uncomfortable level of anxiety when you are stressed out, burned out, or aren’t getting enough rest. Physical exhaustion can be the result of overwork or not getting enough stress. It may also be the result of bad eating habits, or a lack of quality nutrition.

Mental exhaustion can be the result of excessive worrying and mental stress. If you constantly feel mentally drained and are finding it difficult to cope with your emotions, you may be at risk for having a panic or anxiety attack. Emotional exhaustion is similar in this respect. Conflict with loved ones and relationship problems can be triggers for panic attacks.

Ultimately, all of these triggers make it difficult for the mind and body to find rest and be peaceful. In many cases, these situations can make you feel very edgy, and you may even be more fearful than normal. In a sensitized state, small things can cause excessive anxiety and make you vulnerable to a full-blown panic or anxiety attack.

Physical symptoms of an oncoming panic attack include sweating, feelings of choking, numbness, nausea and even chest pain. Sensitized people can’t help but become worried about these sensations, and this can lead to panicky feelings which trigger either a situational or spontaneous panic attack.

Excessive anxiety and panic attacks can be eliminated. Never for a moment feel that you will be stuck with this problem forever. You won’t! Take the first step towards an anxiety free life by learning more on this web site.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

‘Panic Away taught me Strength, Courage, Security and Self-Reliance in ONE WEEK!’

I came across this post in the forum and thought I should share it. Panic Away member *Carly was in a bad place and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. She thanks God that she found Panic Away.  Read on to see how Carly’s progress after only one week with the Panic Away program.

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been following my posts up until now, you would know that just 2 weeks ago, I was a wreck of myself. GAD had me by my throat and mercilessly had me bended at my knees. I was about to reach the point of falling off the edge of the earth.

Two weeks ago, I asked Akua (God) to please!… please help me!, i’m alone, i’m afraid, i’m physically exhausted, i’m broken down mentally and emotionally, i’m frantic, i’m fragile, I can’t cry , I can’t breathe. And nobody understands what this feels like. I don’t wanna die, but I don’t wanna live like this. Please help me find a way to “hold-on”. Insanity was my world, two weeks ago today.

One week ago today, it was DESTINY that I happened to come across a weblink that lead me to PANIC AWAY’s video ad that described my life, and offered me the opportunity to end it. To end the insanity.

Thank Akua (God), I found you! (Panic Away and this forum). The same day, within one hour of viewing the video online, I got a good understanding of what was being asked of me and whole-heartedly opened myself up to all the possibilities, to dare myself to challenge my fear. I looked at my fear in the face, and though I trembled I did not move. In the calmness of my insanity I called its bluff, and I found my STRENGTH!!! I dared to challenge my phobias of wide and small spaces, I found COURAGE. Crowds in a restaurant, driving a car to my destination, running on a treadmill, I found SECURITY. Harnessing my panic attacks w/my newly armed techniques, I found SELF RELIANCE. Giving up my medications I found TRUST. Surviving that in a “days” work, I found my sense of SELF again. But most importantly I found HOPE.

Perhaps my desperation, and the desperation in the face of my loved ones pushed me and willed me to get better. I can think of a hundred reasons or more. But definitely sheer DETERMINATION and HOPE are the beacons that got me through.

So here I am, one week later to tell you there IS hope for everyone, doesn’t matter how long you’ve tried. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED… the possibilities are “wide open”, theres no “expiration date”… when you’re ready, armed with your courage and an attitude of fearlessness, and the trusting knowledge of the program and those who have succeeded, take a deep breath and dive-in. Think of it as a baptism, a right of passage to a better life. Freedom from fear. Freedom to start living again. Permission to leave the prison you’re in.

In a week, I am a testament to that.
Although i’m still a work in progress,

My phobias are gone.

My panic attacks seem to have dissipated.

I haven’t had an anxiety attack since.

I take no more medications.

I had one setback (but have since moved on)

I’m getting used to dealing with my bodies annoying sensations. Its boiled down to one general sensation thats with me all the time. The sensation of a compressed chest. But thats all it is… a sensation. It feels like I can’t breathe but I AM breathing. So some nights I stay up and do my breathing exercises to relax until it tells me we’re ready to go back to sleep. Something tells me this is balled up energy of anxiousness/fear/nervousness but, I believe lifestyle changes, and a renewed and healthy attitude about life will get me pass this someday.

This is manageable FREEDOM. I’m already a success! But I am aiming for the prize. A new and improved me with a life free from GAD. Is that possible? Where I am now?… its already a miracle. Thank you Akua, I knew you were there!

Thank you for sharing this. Through sheer determination and hope you have found your freedom. You should be proud of yourself! 

*I changed this member’s name to Carly

‘Panic Away taught me Strength, Courage, Security and Self-Reliance in ONE WEEK!’

Panic Away Has Changed My Life – A Panic Away Success Story

Today I received a Facebook message from Panic Away member, Stephanie. She wanted to share her story with everyone.  Stephanie started having Panic Attacks 5 years ago and it ruled her life. She missed days of work, she could not go on long journeys and she couldn’t even get into the car with her partner.  With thanks to Panic Away, Stephanie is back to her old self- relaxed, happy and loving life.

Approximately 5 years ago I started having panic attacks. At first, I wasnt sure what was going on. I would            lose feeling in my hands and feet, feel incredibly dizzy and a bit ‘dreamlike’, my breathing gets shallow             and I felt like I needed the bathroom. All at once! I started to get really nervous and anxious about going         out. Scared that I would be stuck out in public and suffer a panic attack and not be able to escape or hide        from public eye. The thought of being stuck in a car, in traffic was the worst. Even going for a walk was a       scary thought, what would happen if I was halfway through my walk and it happened?

I started to feel nervous and anxious all the time, which resulted in some periods of ‘nervous belly’ and the urgency to use the bathroom. This was just another thing that scared me! In fact, I was now more concerned about this happening to me in public, than having a panic attack. I knew that not a lot of people would know from looking at me that I was suffering a panic attack. But what if I started running around begging for somebody to tell me where the bathroom is?

 I get the train 50 minutes one way to work in the city. At my worst, for a long time, the train trip was something I would dread all the time. From the minute I got off a train, I started worrying about the trip home in 9 hours. What if the train broke down and I was stuck in it and I needed to go to the bathroom because I was nervous? What if it broke down inbetween train stations and we were stuck there with no way for me to escape or get out?

 I missed work. There were days I just couldnt do it.

 My self planned treatment was to stop eating before I had to go anywhere, in the hopes that this would mean I couldn’t feel unwell. I have been Lexapro (10mg daily) for 4.5 years. I am not sure if it helps or not. But i take it, and I have never stopped. I have seen three different therapists in the hope of helping me deal with my panic and anxiety disorder, and what seemed to be my agorophobia.

At my worst, I couldnt pop down the shops, just a two minute drive away. I never went in the car with anybody, not even my partner. He would drive separately to thinks just so I could avoid being caught out in public.

 In April 2013, my partner proposed to me. In May 2013, my close friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. How was I going to go in a car to the weddings? How was I going to walk slowly down an aisle and not want to run away and be on my own somewhere comfortable? It was time to bust my butt and do something! I tried meditation, I tried a prescription of Valium, I tried drinking champagne a lot before we had to go out! I was getting frustrated with my therapists who would teach me how to deal with an episode once it started, not how to stop having them in the first place. Being assured that if it ever happened in public, people would help me and not judge me was helpful, but it didnt stop me from having a panic attack, or getting so anxious i felt the need to escape.

A few months ago I signed up for the Panic Away newsletters. I decided to purchase the treatment once I realised all the self-help books I was reading and the relaxation exercises were not working.

For the last three months, I have not stopped myself from doing anything. I walk my dog every night. I go in the car with family and friends. I look forward to my friends wedding and my wedding, instead of dreading them! I am not going to pretend that I do all these things without any sign of anxiousness. Sometimes on walks I can feel my hands start to tingle and I know its time to start counting down. Sometimes I have anxious thoughts about whether or now I should eat before I go out, or if perhaps I should drive myself to dinner… but I dont let them stop me.

 Panic Away has literally changed my life. I am happy, relaxed and excited for things for the first time in a long time. My partner, family and friends dont have to do everything the way I plan to make myself feel better, we can be spontaneous! I cannot recommend and thank Panic Away enough. I dont have the words.

What a fantastic success story. Thank you for sharing it with us Stephanie! Do you have a story you would like to share? Please leave us a comment below! 

Panic Away Has Changed My Life – A Panic Away Success Story

Anxiety is Your Guard Dog

My family used to have this great dog called Shadow.

He was a cross between a collie and black Labrador. (See him below)

He used to sit all day long in the front room of our house waiting for anyone to come to the front door.When someone would finally arrive, he would go absolutely bonkers!

Until…we invited the person in.

If we kept the person at the door, (for example the Fed-ex guy), he would bounce off the walls barking loudly with all the hair standing on his back.

No matter how hard you tried to tell him to lie down and stop barking, he would not listen.His reasoning was:“I am the guard of this house and if my owner does not invite a person in, then that person is unwanted and therefore a threat.”

I sometimes used to keep friends standing at the door for a few minutes and then let them in (if they were brave enough), just to see the change in Shadow’s reaction.

It was the same every time.Once they passed the front door,  he would immediately stop barking and sit back down on his seat.

Anxiety is just like a guard dog. It is your protector.

It is your fight or flight response activated by the emotional part of your brain designed to keep you from harm.

It needs you the owner (your rational brain) to reassure it that the unusual bodily sensations, that pay you a visit, are not a real threat and that all is well.

But just saying ‘everything is OK, calm down now’ does not work.

Just like Shadow, it responds much better to your actions. You need to mentally invite the anxiety in.

If you keep the door on anxiety closed, your emotional brain thinks that the threat is real and there is something to be afraid of.

When you invite your anxious sensations in with total acceptance of them, your emotional brain (your guard dog) backs off and calms down.

So don’t keep all your anxious bodily sensations knocking on the door upsetting your guard dog.

Open the door and let them in.

Accept them fully and watch as your guard dog settles back down into a calm state.


P.S. I have been using an analogy of a guard dog and anxiety. Now I want you to share with me your particular analogy of anxiety. You can do it by commenting on this blog post.
Shadow keeping guard at 17 years of age (81 dog years)


Anxiety is Your Guard Dog