Change Phenomena September 4th 2010

The following is an excerpt from my experience at the Change Phenomena event… It’s a full review so in order not to go too far on here I posted a ling and the thread was removed (my apologies). Now it was an automated message from Chris so i’m assuming it’s OK to post up again. If you ‘want to know more’ then please feel free to pm and i’ll send you the link…

Here’s the short version; IT WAS BRILLIANT & MINDBLOWING!!!

From time to time in I have recognised in life there have been certain experiences that have stood out as monumental turning points in my development both personally and professionally. The more i’ve journeyed personally with NLP & Hypnosis the more these experiences have helped me not only shape my life in the directions I want to go but moreover, do the things I love to do. The change phenomena event can definitely be attributed to that particular category and I’m relishing the thought of getting in the flow and sharing my experiences…

A few months ago my friend and colleague Joergen Rasmussen (Author of the excellent book) ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ told me he had been invited to speak at an event ‘Change Phenomena’ and deliver a presentation with regards to his uniquely developed eclectic style of ‘Provocative Hypnosis’. This event was a new idea formed initially by Anthony Jacquin & Kevin Sheldrake that would allow not only themselves, but others to share their passion for their chosen fields and associations with ‘hypnosis’. Their vision was to create an event that utilised a variety of experienced hypnotists lecturing on their current thinking, approaches and techniques.

The lineup of hypnotists looked very impressive whilst seemingly extremely diverse. From Ex Computer Hackers & people that sometimes nonchalantly tell people in public that their clients are Homosexual, through to professional pickpockets and entrepreneurs all sharing a unique passion (The art of hypnosis). Add to that mix a very charismatic and what I would describe (now there’s some distance from his hypnotic skills) an old school Hypnotist that is reputed to have worked with a staggering 30,000 clients… Guess what… He didn’t look a day over 21!!! Ok 41 but I hope you get my drift…

So let’s delve a little deeper here and go from back to front or front to back depending on where my mind takes us as I write this. These people have their own unique stories about how they got to enter the world of magic. Magic in this sense meaning that each individual had their own special and yet unifying model of what their work meant to them, and for them. Also how it could provide us with a glimpse into the world through their eyes, to hear their stories & grasp their many aspects of thinking.


Change Phenomena September 4th 2010

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