Coaching Vs Good Advice??

I thought about starting a thread about this a while back but didn’t, however, since the NLPing my mother thread I thought it might be worthwile discussion.

When I first learned about coaching and using the meta model and I was taught that people all the resouces they need to make the changes they want and you should a 100% avoid giving them advice from your own model of the world and that was a massive learning for me and served me well in respecting and understanding other people.

However, since then i have experienced other successful coaches who do give advice as well using powerful questions. In particular Michael Neill who’s Radio show I love. I really admire his ability to know how to ask the right question at the right moment and give the callers some fantastic advice. Now maybe using the meta model doesn’t make for good radio and that’s why Michael does what the rule book says you shouldn’t?

I was at A Day of Transformative Coaching with Michael last year and someone asked him about this and he said something along the lines that he noticed coaching entirely with the meta model was a trait he had noticed in British Coaches for some reason and that he felt it was like trying to box with one hand tied behind your back.

So my question is:

How do you know when to switch from traditional coaching to giving some good advice?

Do you agree with giving advice, should we keep our map out of theirs?

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Coaching Vs Good Advice??

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