Confusion About NLP and Ericksonian (and Other Types of Hypnosis)

Many individuals feel confused (based on questions I get from people on a regular basis) about the distinction between NLP and hypnosis (Ericksonian included) asking questions what to study first?
The answer is, Ericksonian hypnosis is an integral part of NLP. As a tool for change it is effective in generating results only when applied within the context of understanding of the process and structure of a client’s subjective experience.
The Meta Model is the tool to unravel the implication structures within that model. Ericksnian hypnosis (the elegant, permissive hypnosis model) is used as a tool for change (so is the Meta Model, by the way).
Studying hypnosis in the absence of understanding of the client’s model of the world and the process that led to its construction, is useless. It is like being given a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. Language patterns are only language patterns. Their power lies in targeted application, keeping also in mind the power of analog behaviors…..
In my view, a good NLP training must include the Meta Model and the Milton Model, and a significant chunk on analog behaviors, tonality, rythm of speaking. body language (all of which can be trance inducing on their own).
Speaking of hypnosis, we are always in one kind of trance or another. The question is, what kind of a trance would you rather be in?" Just a thought.

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