Constellations — What's Going on There, Then?

So, I attended a Constellations workshop the other day. A fascinating experience, and one I’ve been puzzling about since.

The method is simple enough. You present an issue of some sort, which could range from a business ambition to a personal problem. And cast other people in the group as named aspects of that situation. Which is where things get interesting.

Asked to be, say, ‘duty’ in regard to a script that someone was writing, I found that my body held all the clues I needed to act. I moved around in relation to other elements of the constellation, and distinctly felt physical sensations characteristic of energy work as the constellation evolved.

We were then asked to spend a few minutes writing how what we’d done affected our own issue, and then asked to contribute about what it felt like and what we suspected to the person whose constellation it was.

Now, it would be easy to suggest that the name of the role you play guides what follows. Only, the experience of actually doing it seems to reach far further than that. And the woman organising the group says she sometimes works with issues and aspects anonymised and still gets the same quality of results.

What’s going on? For me, this was a profoundly different way of working that opened up all kinds of stuff. And there is the knotty and nutty business of how it works. Any thoughts on the above are welcome, though points will de deducted for the use of the phrase ‘quantum field’ and ‘morphic resonance’.

For those who wish to connect Constellations with NLP, it has its origins partly in gestalt therapy, and I have seen ads for events by Robert Dilts that include Constellations work.

Constellations — What’s Going on There, Then?

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