Convince Me That Astrology Doesn’t Exist

OK. I know it exists in some form but my main challenge to you is to convince me that astrology is a lot of bullshit.

How I got here is not really that useful to know although I often, arbitrarily, put it down to an LSD experience.

So here we are now. Everyone has a star sign. I’ve met so many people whose star sign I’ve surreptitiously garnered who show signs in behaviour that back up my certainty in pigeon holing people. The thing is I know that I’ve taken a tiny part of what there is as evidence of the whole. I’m blind to any counter information. Which actually sparks an idea of looking for counter examples. Maybe I’m on the way to solving my own problem. Unless of course astrology really does exist!

It’s so comforting to slip into the old routine even after Derren Brown has almost pushed the belief over the edge. The reason for wanting to change is that I see this behaviour as detrimental to my relationships with others. I can give an example of a good friend I have were our friendship has faded over time with me finding possible conflicts due to what this persons star sign is. It gets to the point where seeing my friend starts the process of finding fault.

On a more positive note I have another friend where our friendship has strengthened with time. The thought that we are compatible means I’ve very relaxed in their company and can let myself go and have a good time. When there is any rifts I work to make it steady again certain in the knowledge that we will always work things out and be BFFs.

I don’t see myself as an obsessive person but it seems that when meeting new people the urge to know their sign gets in the way of actually seeing what is really going on. Or the most of shared reality I can find. Even seeing someone glance my way sets of this mode of thinking. Knowing their sign is the deal maker or breaker.

I see this as a problem and need The A Team.


PS Please help.

Convince Me That Astrology Doesn’t Exist

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