‘Deletion’ During Sleep

I recently had my in laws staying with us at my apartment and noticed that both of them snored and it bothered them – so they sleep in separate rooms.

During sleep, each gets affected by the sound of the other person snoring. However the sound they make on their own does not bother either of them during their sleep.

Now I realize that the sound waves when they originate and travel in space, the point of origin and direction of sound wave travel has an impact on our perception of the intensity of the sound.

Keeping this factor aside – Is it possible that during our sleep we are engaging in the process of selective deletion of the sensory input received by us?

If yes, can we learn to have more conscious choice and control over this process?

If yes, can any one provide some inputs on how can we learn to do so?

=>Why would I want to learn this?

a) Curiosity
b) If this could be learned, then we could possibly learn to choose our dreams (or our nightmares) as the case might be?

Thanks in advance.


– Anil

‘Deletion’ During Sleep

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