Did My Girlfriend Cheat On Me?


I’ve been with my gf for about 6 months now.
In the first week of August she went to Prague for a Ballet Summer School where all these young male and female ballet dancers go for a masterclass.
While she was there she was telling me she missed me and all the usual stuff, but she also told me about this guy that was there who looked just like me.

I think she might have cheated on me with him, she only went out and got drunk for one night, like most of them did, but in about 4 photos from that night she seems very close with him.

I haven’t confronted her about this yet and I was going to ask for some advice on how to do so, I feel very confident that if she did she will deny it. So I was going to ask you guys for some tips:

What question(s) should I ask? Like "Did you cheat on me in Prague?" OR "Have you ever cheated on me?" That kind of thing.

And then what should I look for, not just NLP, if any of you know about body language traits and things like that.

My experience in lie detecting is nil, my knowledge on how to do it is basic but I have read quite a few articles on it. If you could help me at all I’d be very grateful.

If you need to know anything more just ask, I can post the photos of her and him if they are necessary.
ALSO, I am aware that ignorance is bliss, but I just have to know.

Did My Girlfriend Cheat On Me?

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