D'Main Authority – Beyond Pacing & Leading? ~ Haider Imam ~ Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group

Wed 29th August
United Reform Church Hall
TN2 5AW D’Main Authority – Beyond pacing & leading?
Aren’t we all taught pacing and leading in NLP 101? Isn’t it one of the foundations of NLP-style change?
And that before any intervention there must be solid rapport / responsiveness between client and therapist, coach or salesperson?

Perhaps you, like me, have quoted ‘pace then lead!’ to other people almost like a mantra, when training them to get greater results?

But how many of us can, hand on heart, get people and groups to lean forward exactly as we lean forward?

Blink as we blink? Breathe at the rate we breathe? In other words, it’s not a skill that everybody can do, effortlessly, yet…

That potentially means that one of the cornerstones of your work as a coach, therapist or influencer is broken. Meaning lost time, status, credibility, money and results. Or worse…
In this must-attend workshop (responsible for over half a million in extra sales for well-known clients), NLP Trainer, Influence coach and Training consultant, Haider ‘Hedda’ Imam will introduce you to a model that goes beyond traditional pacing & leading, using only words and ideas.
Synthesised from NLP, Pick Up Artist techniques and Social Psychology, learning D’Main Authority will give you authority over the domain of the individual or group you’re facing. Meaning ‘results squared’.

This meeting is open to anyone – you do not have to be NLP qualified.

We start at 7.30pm for networking, with the formal part of the evening starting at 8pm.

For information about the venue or the Group, email beverley.hamilton@uwclub.net
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D’Main Authority – Beyond Pacing & Leading? ~ Haider Imam ~ Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group

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