Do you blame yourself for having anxiety?

If you have had an anxiety problem for any length of time, I bet you are very hard on yourself. You might beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. For  missed opportunities that came your way or just feeling your life has been on hold.

Being hard on yourself goes hand and hand with anxiety. But it does not serve you, it only prolongs anxiety and stress.

It’s time to forgive yourself.

Through forgiveness you will lessen the internal tension you feel and that helps heal anxiety at a much deeper level.

This is a really short but powerful exercise for anyone who blames themself for having anxiety.

1. Go back in time and think of the person you were when you first experienced anxiety. How old were you? Where were you living? What did you look like? Can you identify a trigger for the anxiety?

2. Now imagine that younger you is asking for forgiveness from the present day you:

Forgiveness for ever having anxiety.
Forgiveness for getting so scared.
Forgiveness for avoiding life
Forgiveness for making mistakes.
Forgiveness for feeling so lost and alone.

3. Can you listen and then forgive that younger you?

Sit with this for a while. Don’t rush it.

You don’t have to feel a deep level of compassion and forgiveness, but I would suggest you just open to the idea it.

Jar that door open a little and the sliver of light that pours in will help you heal much faster. If you can forgive yourself for having this anxiety problem you stat to accept yourself with more compassion.

Compassionate acceptance of yourself heals anxiety.

Try it.

No one else can do this step for you.

Do you blame yourself for having anxiety?

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