Does This Joe Walsh clip Sound Like Richard Bandler?

Hi nlpc superheroes, I was listening to the clip below and it really reminded me of richard bandler speaking. its been quite a while since i’ve listened to any bandler cds/dvds but there is something in joe walshs voice (and possibly demeanour) that reminds me of bandler. what do you think does it remind you of bandler? what’s your experience of this? it got me thinking about how i store sounds of people talking in my head. i love music and play guitar loads. i was thinking whether the sounds i have of people talking when stored in my head…are they the same pitch as when i first heard them or do i adjust them in my head. if so how come? why do we (if we do) change the pitch of music in our head from first listening to a tune to repeating some time later.

i’m curious as to what reminds me of bandler so specifically in this clip. maybe your experience might be that joe walsh sounds similar here. maybe not. have i been reminded how bandler looks from seeing joe walsh in the clip and then made the other parts fit. hmm, i’m just curious and posting…maybe something interesting may come from this. maybe not. interested in what your experience is and any comment you’d like to make.

YouTube – Joe Walsh from Carvin’s DVD


ps i really recommend the album "but seriously folks" by joe walsh. wow, west coast, cool ’70s, beauty, tunes, laid back.

Does This Joe Walsh clip Sound Like Richard Bandler?

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