Dr Richard Bandler and John LaValle Bring Their Leading Edge Training to Brighton

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This autumn Dr Richard Bandler and his co-trainer John LaValle are bringing their leading edge training programmes to Brighton

Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning

Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning is the latest of 3 areas of work developed by Dr Richard Bandler. It has recently been newly certified and licensed by the Society of NLP. This very special qualification recognises the unique nature of NHR and those people who utilise this powerful process to change their lives and the lives of others.
What is Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning?

Dr Richard Bandler says that this is the closest he ever comes to teaching other people how he actually works with clients himself.
Dr Bandler says “This is about using very deep trance tools to be able to make very pervasive changes across a wide range of behaviour to teach people the most important thing, which is to spend more time practicing feeling good than they do feeling bad so it becomes a habit.”
NHR uses the hypnotic process to restructure experiences that people have at the neurological and chemical level. Instead of teaching people to lead with their minds, NHR teaches you to lead with your feelings. You learn to saturate your neurology with the chemicals that make us feel good. Because if you get your whole body in the right state there’s just about nothing that human beings can’t do. The only question is how much pleasure can you stand, how much excitement can you stand, how much success can you have?
What is the difference between NLP and NHR?

The difference between NLP and NHR is not in the techniques but the outcome which is different. Instead of teaching people to lead with their minds we are teaching people to lead with their feelings. We are saturating our neurology with the chemicals that make us feel good.
Practitioner courses give people great techniques and great language skills. This workshop is the format around which these things become immensely more useful.
No previous experience in NLP is necessary to benefit from NHR. It is a good place to start learning as it is easier to learn than NLP. For more advanced practitioners, it enables you to create more profound and lasting change for your clients. The difference is between programming and repatterning!!

Altered States Shamanic States and Basic Brain Exploration!

Throughout history and across the world humankind has sought ways of exploring their inner worlds. Through meditation, ritual, music, energy and trance people have found different ways of experiencing different realities and altered states of consciousness. Richard Bandler has studied for many years with Shaman and spiritual leaders from many cultures. Combine this experience with his unique understanding of the neurology and chemistry of the human brain and body and we have a remarkable opportunity to explore.
Richard has agreed to share with us his knowledge of altered and shamanic states of consciousness This workshop is not about theories or explanations, you experiment and experience the exciting world of your own brain.
For further information go to www.meta-nlp.co.uk
Dr RICHARD BANDLER, Co-founder of NLP and creator of DHE(tm) and NHR(tm),
<img src="http://virtual-hypnosis.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/37e75_n744208898_2057753_3644144.jpg?w=85&h=100″ border=”0″ alt=”” />has always been and remains at the very forefront of new technologies.
For the past thirty years, Richard has dedicated himself to developing new ideas tools, techniques and models for the advancement of human evolution. His genius as a trainer is world renowned.
Thousands of people provide testimony to his ability to help them to live their lives with greater happiness and freedom.
He teaches with humour and joy and continues to care enough to share his newest discoveries with us.
JOHN LA VALLE is the president of the Society of NLP and co-trains with Richard around the world.<img src="http://virtual-hypnosis.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/37e75_37763_1344328289356_1265701913_30775158_3597670_n144.jpg?w=86&h=100″ border=”0″ alt=”” /> He is an international trainer and consultant, Advanced Master Trainer of NLP. He has been training people the Business world for the past 17 years. Few people in Europe have had the opportunity to train with John, he is a world leader in his field and fantastic to work with.
Together John and Richard work magic. To learn from the best come with us to the source.
We believe that John and Richard provide the best training programmes anywhere in the world right now
KATE BENSON founded META in 1999. Kate is the International Director of Education
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Kate is a nationally recognised trainer in the Education Sector. As a Director of Matrix she is responsible for developing and delivering a wide range of courses focusing on communications, interpersonal skills and support for students and staff.

“Kate Benson is an expert in applying NLP in the education sector. She is thoroughly organised, highly skilled and the love for what she teaches comes across in her presentations. I guarantee you will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.” ~ Richard Bandler

Dr Richard Bandler and John LaValle Bring Their Leading Edge Training to Brighton

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