Elicit Change with Visual Submodalities – an Old Postcard Metaphor

Some people who spend their time in visual Modality respond well to the following metaphor (my experience) I created a while ago.

Close your eyes…..Imagine walking up to an old, crumbling house.

It is one that you internally feel you know but cannot fully recognize.

As you enter the long ago abandined house and walk trough the empty rooms, you discover an old, black and white photograph on the window ledge. It has been there for a long, long time, forgotten in time, coverd with the dust of time, yellow from years of being exposed to the sun….. forgotten, just left there to crumble.

As you look upon it, you recognize a faded, old forgotten picture, faded faces that are barely recognizable, features blurred and faded by the sun, an old faded memory of the past, an ancient snapshot of days past….As you look upon it, you open the window and allow some fresh air inside…. Exposed to the wind, the old photograph crumbles….No longer can you see the faces or shapes….only yellow paper beneath what used to be a picture….surrounded by dust of that it used to be….

The wind blows the dust in the air until it settles upon the floor, upon the old dust that settles there.

Now its all dust, gone, undistinguishable from the rest….. Its time that defragmented that old picture…time to move ahead..into the sun…..

Now you feel te warmth of the sun upon your face, the breath of fresh air, free of the dust, of the past, refreshed in the moment of magic because you know that every moment is magical, a reflection of what you think about, dream about, create…now is the time to create something new…. etc.:)

I use this metaphor to erase the old memories. There are variations to it. I find it very effective.


Elicit Change with Visual Submodalities – an Old Postcard Metaphor

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