Email Rapport!

My first proper thread!

I am expressing this Post predominantly towards the beginners of NLP out there, though I may gain a voice from members seeking a debatable remark or two, which is good for feedback.

Life has changed dramatically over the years, from once a must conversation face to face, to nowadays a life of keyboard finger tapping. It seems by my experience (generalising) that the first call of contact to a person we don’t yet know is mainly by email.

Knowing that in communication, tonality (38%) and physiology (55%) play a massive part in gaining good rapport, leaving only 7% in the words we say, I still feel the later holds a wealth of information (especially in receiving emails where we have no visual concept of communication). So when you think that people (generalising again) tend to read through important emails more than once, then surely it would be fair to say that Rapport should start sometimes at the finger tips not always the lips!

To tell the truth I am not claiming to have created this [how bloody dare I], but somewhere along my travels to euphoria this has tuned into my awareness whether consciously or unconsciously, and so therefore I would simply like to mention it to those of you that might be interested!

In a manner of speaking I’ve been analysing the hidden voices in important long emails delivered to me for the last two years (sometimes mind reading), and found that once I could resonate with what a person’s preferred representational system was (whether Visual/Tonal/Kinaesthetic or Auditory Digital) I could return a message that would speak volumes in their model of the world. I began by just feeding back the preferred predicates in language by email, then shortly noticed that by expressing the representational physiology in the sentence, I soon found that rapport was harmonising from my fingers down the rabbit hole of internet cabling straight into a person’s subconscious.

For example;
If I was returning an email to what I believed to be a highly Visual person, I may start by saying – (As I’m sat looking out of my window and watching the world go by, a clear picture has floated into my mind’s eye of an idea that I believe will visualise in our plans……………).

Just Food for Thought!

Email Rapport!

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