Eureka and NLP

Hi there.

I usually would just drop by to read whats new in NLP world as I am NLP person myself but, I did not catch this, if this has been posted anywhere so if I have repeated myself, sorry in advance.

There is this TV show (normally broadcasted in US) called Eureka (its s sci-fi TV series about a town called Eureka which invents all kind of futuristic gadgets, pretty fun, I like it) and the most recent episode (season 4, episode 12, released on July the 18th) was PURELY based on NLP. I was pretty amazed how they managed to integrate that into the normal show flow, but if anyone is interested have a look, it was a great Episode, full of adventures and you will most certainly be impressed if you have not seen it already.

Cheers in advance, have a good day guys and sorry if I have posted it in the wrong thread, might really be an offtopic thing.


Eureka and NLP

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