Ex-Girlfriend is Chasing Me!!

Hello community!!

I know that the mix of nlp in relationship issues most of the times is for "how to get her/him.." , but in my case i want the opposite to happen..!

There was this girl , we met , and we had a relationship for 3 months.

But a lot happened (her faults, mine faults, both ,whatever) and the relationship ended. Now i dont feel anything at all for her , but still after 1 month she is chasing me around! She is chasing me on my fb (which i deleted her) , on my emails, on my phone! One day she even suggested to become .. "f*@kbuddies" only to be together.

What can I do for it to forget me and to realise that a NO is a NO ?

My only approach so far is to freeze our communications as to forget me, but she doesn’t seem to understand that.

My purpose is not only to "make her" (<– lol manekin? ) to forget me, but to do it in a way without… hurting her feelings.!

any suggestions will be more than welcomed and valuable in this case.

Thank you for reaching at the end of this post 😉 (which btw is written by a non-native english speaker so forgive any grammatical/syntactic errors etc ;D )

Ex-Girlfriend is Chasing Me!!

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