Examine the Large Picture of What and Whom You Read! You May Be Surprised.

So many things expanded when I read DB’s first book. My atheism unraveled itself form a congest confused mess of " wait this religious rubbish is a bit off and irrational " to reading dawkins, hitchens, having the veil lifted. But that’s just one angle! I also expanded areas of into ekman’s truth-telling lie-telling. And I also became obsessed with britain because I realized I had grown up reading roald dhal, lord of the flies, douglas adams, the list goes on, every author whom I read "everyone one of his/her books" was british.

In July 2009 I needed to leave. I decided between London, UK or Sydney, Aus. I couldn’t decide. I chose the latter, but have greatly reconsidered how EVERYTHING since then would have panned out if I had chosen the former. needless to say UK is a HUGE interest. I grew up reading british authors. I was RAISED by brits because what you read is esentially "mind code" and the mind-coders (authors sort of, but not exactly at all) were all british that I connected with.

I found myself gravitating toward certain types of books, only when I read Derren Brown’s book (which was more about the author than "the book") did I realize that that "certain type of book" was essentiall all and exclusively british authors. I’d been learning — (almost every significant book and or author of my life) was a british author –exclusively from brits most my life!

What discoveries have you made from the patterns of books you’ve read? Have you gravitated toward a certain era (I’ve randomly discovered I was drawn to late 1800s setting books for awhile, without seeing that big picture interest — Holmes, Hyde, and Helsing all fall into that era, by the way!) or a certain type of author? Examine the large picture of what and whom you read! You may be surprised. I was.

Examine the Large Picture of What and Whom You Read! You May Be Surprised.

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