Exploring Hypnosis Evening with Dr Richard Bandler

In his long career in hypnosis, Dr Richard Bandler’s has:

  • modelled linguistic techniques from "hypnosis legend" Milton H Erickson
  • studied the nature of trance states for 40 years
  • gained massive expertise in using hypnosis to give others more in their lives
  • mentored and taught Personal Development "guru" Paul McKenna

In fact, Dr Richard Bandler’s reputation as a master hypnotist is unequalled.
He is probably the world’s greatest living hypnotist.

During An Evening With Richard Bandler: Exploration of hypnosis, Richard will be your guide to help you look more deeply into the nature of hypnosis. He will

  • describe some of the history of hypnosis
  • demonstrate powerful hypnotic trance inductions
  • teach you how you can gain so much more control of your life through its use.

Who knows, you might be drawn from the audience to assist the world’s most accomplished hypnotist in his demonstrations of hypnotic inductions!

To finish it all off, he will give you a hypnotic trance that will send you out to be more open to fun, to joy and to getting more out of your life.
Whether you:

  • "believe" in hypnosis or really don’t
  • haven’t yet made up your mind
  • or you’re just curious to find out more

– this is your chance to hear from one of the world’s leading authorities on the positive power of hypnosis.
Whether you’ve seen his work before, or whether hypnosis is just something you have heard of, and you want to know more about, this will be your chance
to meet a living legend in the world of hypnosis, and judge for yourself.
Please note: this is a real exploration of how to use hypnosis, what it is, and what it can do for you. DO expect plenty of laughter along the way!
It’s going to be a great night!

Price £48 (inc VAT). To book your place, please use either of these links:-

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If you have any questions or would prefer to book over the phone please call me (Rachel Joseph) on 0207 927 6505

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