Fear of Authority – Reframe the Context

When you are apprehensive in the presence of someone you perceive as an authority figure, it is not that person you are apprehensive about but most likely someone in your past who represented authority and in whose presence you felt powerless. The anchor may have been set la ong time ago.
One way to deal with that is to imagine that person in front of you, exactly the way they are now. Imagine how they look, sound, the things they are saying… their body language. hear the things they were saying to you… Pay attention to how you feel now….

Now, imagine them getting younger. Slowly, changing into a teenager, saying the same things, sounding like a teenager, looking like a teenager. Pay attention to your feelings.

Now, they are getting even younger..and younger….a 6 year old. They say the same things, sound like a kid, look like a kid. How are you feeling now?

Now they are a 3 year old. They sound like a 3 year old. An authoritarian 3 year old. A disciplinarian old 3 year old. How are you feeling now?

Now, is it fair to say, they wore diapers once, just as you did? They shitted themselves and a mummy fed them milk. Is it fair to assume as it is true they are the same person now, locked into an older frame, the same kid with shitty diapers they once wore…..

Next time you see them see through the veneer of their frame and look at the kid in front of you. How are you feeling now?

Watch your emotions change as you begin to see many, may little kids around you……

Have fun.


Fear of Authority – Reframe the Context

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