Feeling 'right' List- State Management List, Please Add To…..

For better choice and practise of good state management i would love to compile a list for ‘state break’ techniques, ‘feel a state’ techniques and ‘positive state attributes’ to gradually get into the permanent habit of adopting

‘State break’ (i use state breaks to take the edge off an unwanted state and feel neutral before i feel a good state, as it is easier to transition.

2) juggling ( see andy austin youtube)
3) spinning technique
4) Represent bad feeling in words shout out and then spin around (wierd but sometimes works!)
5) Represent bad feeling in words and play with the submodalities eg say ‘depressed’ in a micky mouse voice or play with the tempo and pitch whilst repeating words.
6) think of all the positive intentions that this state could have

(i sometime need a technique for energy to have the energy to actually do the above properly and with conviction)

‘Feel a state’

1) remember a good time when you experienced the wanted state and increase the driver submodalities. (doesn’t actually work for me because i cant visualise a memory in any detail as i cant remember much!)

2) describe ‘as if’ to someone else the state you want with as much details as you can think of to keep adding include eg what facial expression you may have whilst in the state, how the state makes you feel like moving, what tone of voice you have, even what colour and movement the state is if you have a good visual modality (not me!)

‘Positive attributes’

1) Good physiology- eg straight back not slouched, correct breathing, relaxed not tense shoulders, …………..?

2) EQ- become aware of the subtle sequence of physiological shifts you (usually subconciously) go through to achieve a state, including your internal sequences Vi and Ai.

Feeling ‘right’ List- State Management List, Please Add To…..

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