For Chris Morris & Others – Studying at the Feet of the Masters

For Chris Morris (& Others) – how did you manage to afford to train with so many of the best people in NLP – Richard Bandler, Eric Robbie, Michael Neill, etc?

As I’d love to do the same but simply cannot afford it, and I’m sure others on here wished they could also.

Did you train with someone or certain people then deal with clients and use that to fund studying with others? Or some of them trained you or allowed you to attend courses for free? Or you were well off anyway and could afford to do it before getting into NLP (rumours you were involved in the Great Train Robbery and used funds from that to fund NLP study remain unproven at present).

I’d like to train with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Eric Robbie, etc but simply cannot afford it. In the UK courses with Richard Bandler with Meta NLP and NLP Life Training are seriously expensive, same for courses with John Grinder. Not to mention if you are travelling, serious extra expense to travel and for hotels, etc.

You don’t need to study with the most well known names or founders of NLP of course, to learn NLP well and become an excellent practitioner but many would love to do it if they could. Studying with different people in any field is definitely great thing to do.

For Chris Morris & Others – Studying at the Feet of the Masters

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