For Guys Who Get Tonque Tied with Women

I had a client – 30 year old, sexy, 6ft tall, athletic and successful guy. His problem? Women "escaped" from him soon after meeting him. That was puzzling to me as he seemed attractive and intelligent. I asked him few questions, including where he met these women. He responded – at social functions.
I dedecided to find out exactly what happened and got him to role play (I was pretending to be a woman he was targetting (we erased this picture fast)). He seemed to be verty auditory based on his eye movement, tonality and syntax and my hallucination was that he talked to himself when approaching a woman, and the syntax was probably like that, "Oh My God. What am I going to say now to seem interesting, etc."

At that moment he forgot to see a woman in front of him. She might not even exist as his internal panick dialogue was everything he paid attention to.

When we role played I soon discovered that my hypothesis was true. He became speechless and his eyes went side to side almost continuously.

Obviously he has had some negative experiences in the past where he became unsure of himself but that was not the point at this point.

I pattern interrupted him and said to him exactly what I halluciunated he was saying to himself. Surprised he asked me hpw I knew.

To make the story short, I told him that when he feels tonque tied, the best was to get composed and access his creativity is to start asking questions and maintain eye contact.

Most women will think he is better than a slice of bread when they find him listening to them.

We worked on questions to ask, and on maintaining a good rapport including feedvack and pacing and leading etc.

At the end of the day he found a girlfriend and is getting married.

Listening and hearing is the key to success in attracting women.

For Guys Who Get Tonque Tied with Women

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