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Applications Of NLP For Business Excellence with Michael Carroll

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NLP began its life as the study of excellence when the founders modeled high performers from different fields. The applications of NLP can be applied for business excellence in any field. During this FREE evening you will be focusing on individual performance so you will leave with pragmatic tools to increase your performance in your business life immediately. This event is sponsered heavily by salesforce and their great business tools which can help you grow your first internet business. You will be surprised at what you take away from this taster evening.[/h]In the modern business world a high performance culture is necessary for continued success. A high performance culture thrives when tools for personal and team excellence are implemented throughout the tiers in the business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, senior business manager, or climbing your way through the tiers, NLP applications give you the edge in the business world.

Topics of the evening:

  • The art of self coaching leading to ongoing self improvement
  • Effective communication approaches to maximise the effect of your communication
  • Rapid rapport techniques – so you can take an instant lead
  • Developing yourself as a leader and embodying the qualities of natural leadership

Who should attend:

  • Managers and coaches will learn how to develop a high performance culture in their teams
  • Individuals will learn how to raise their performance by being their own coach
  • CEOS and board members will recognise what can be achieved with different thinking to create a high performance culture
  • Entrepreneurs will learn how to access states of excellence for peak performance

Venue: MIC Hotel & Conference Centre, Euston House, 81-103 Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ

To book please call: 0207 247 0574 or email:

FREE NLP For Business Excellence

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