Further Reading/Learning for a Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I want to further my knowledge of nlp to basically reprogramme the negative thoughts/trends that i have picked up over the years by my parents. I am definately a newbie to this having read a beginners guide to nlp and watched a few video’s of richard bandler and am fascinated by what he does.

Does anybody have any further "good reading" tips and at what time would people recommend you start trying techniques on oneself. i’m starting to recognise negative thoughts/trends sometimes, so am beginning to make progress.

A few years ago i went to a therapist to try and sort out the negative thoughts/trends that were given to me by my parents that i constantly re acted out and recognised some techniques that she had me practising like giving a shape/colour to a negative feeling and trying to change things and move it upwards and was quite scared when i was nearly sick due to the feeling being "stuck" in my throat. Scary stuff!!!!

One good thing though is there was a time when somehow she must have put me into a relaxed state because all i could feel was a sense of isolation with the sound of birds outside. Bliss!!!

I would love to be able to develop myself and have such a positive outlook on life with nlp so any tips etc appreciated. I do realise this won’t be a quick fix but am willing to work at it.

Thanks in advance


Further Reading/Learning for a Newbie

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