Happy to Be Here… Seeking Advice

Hello everyone,

My name is Michael and I am on the verge of booking my first NLP seminar. My only experience with NLP has come in the form of written material (books, articles, etc.) and I am very interested in learning more. I am interested in using NLP for personal growth and development, but I am also looking for a tool that might help me to transition into a new career. If I am very interested in working with people and helping others and have even considered going back to school to get a psychology degree and become a therapist. I have a small family to support so I need a continuous income, so I am wondering whether becoming a certified trainer in NLP could provide me with opportunities to create at least a transitional income while working and gaining experience in the field that I wish to move towards.

I would appreciate any and all advice from people with more experience!

Thank you! I look forward to exploring the world of NLP!

Happy to Be Here… Seeking Advice

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