Has Anyone Here Achieved Any "Bandlerian" Results with Hypnosis?

Has anyone here hypnotized someone else and achieved with it the kind of results Richard Bandler talks about? For instance, Richard talks about getting spontaneous vision correction via various hypnotic phenomena[1]. In one seminar he claimed he hypnotized a man to spontaneously be able to talk backwards[2]. One of the most interesting ones to me is hypnotizing someone to spontaneously positively hallucinate a six foot tall French poodle[3].

How accurate are these stories? Have any of you achieved similar results?

[1] age regression and hallucinating glasses are common examples

[2] at the phoneme level, which seems like it’d be way better for holding surreptitious conversations than something like Pig Latin

[3] the stuff I’ve been reading about improving one’s visualization talks about time frames on the order of months, so getting that kind of capability in a few minutes is very intriguing indeed!

<a href=http://www.nlpconnections.com/forum/14912-has-anyone-here-achieved-any-bandlerian-results-hypnosis.html>Has Anyone Here Achieved Any "Bandlerian" Results with Hypnosis?

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