Hello everyone!
I have found this site very helpful, I truly appreciate the information and depth of insight that you share here. It is wonderful to find people talking about and considering the aspects of the subconscious mind.

I learned about the NLP Coach software from this site NLPCoach, you can check out a free download, you’ll get hooked! What a FUN interactive way to learn the Meta Model, Milton Model and Mind Lines. Its nearly addictive.

So far I have studied with Art Giser, a master teacher, and his highly effective ENLP techniques. www.enlp1.com You can listen to and/or download MP3s of some very powerful processes on the site. He is very straighforward, no "hype." He doesn’t need it. Since learning and practicing his techniques over a period of months has made it much easier to deal with negative people, events, and my own negative self-deliberation. The wonderful people I have connected with as a result of studying Art Giser’s techniques certainly make me smile. You know who you are! :)

I am looking forward to taking Tad James’ Practitioner course in March, 2010. I am already impressed by the personal service and the complete pre-course materials I have received.

And the journey continues…


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