Hello NLP Connections!

Hi everyone, my names Tom. I new to the forum and thought I would say hi and introduce myself. I have always had an interest in NLP and have read a few books and researched in my spare time as a hobby.

I have just enrolled to start studying for my NLP Diploma with SCOLA in Sutton Surrey, Its a 10 week course, one day a week, 3 hrs per session. Cost me £200 which I thought was quiet reasonable, for a starting point. I did a lot of research over the time and found the diplomas went from one to two day course up to a week or so. Prices ranged from FREE – £600ish.
If anyone else has studied with SCOLA any feedback would be great.

I am currently looking to build on myself and use my skills I gain to open further doors and opportunities with my career.
If anyone could assist in how they link there NLP qualifications or hobby to their C.V or how they use it in interviews some ideas would be great help.
As I am currently looking at career progression and I am starting to look around to see whats available out in the job markets.

Thanks in advance for any replies and assistance. I look forward to sharing more in depth discussions with you all in the future.

Hello NLP Connections!

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